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Monday, December 29, 2014

Scavenger hunting in Vina...

Welp, talking to you guys was pretty fantastic. It´s weird cause when I´m not talking to you guys, it feels like it´s been forever since we´ve talked. But then when we are talking, it seems like it has been a week no más! It´s crazy. But it´s was so great to see everyone together..cause I won´t even see that we I get home! ....6 weeks. Wow.....okay, enough of that.
On Saturday we went to help out a ward member with her dog for service. And he is huge. And crazy. And a baby. And we were trying to hold him down to get his leash on him to take him for a walk, and all of a sudden he had a full on crazy kid panic attack and I fell over and he jumped all over me and was licking and slobbing all over me... Needless to say I smelt like wet dog..aaand I was completely covered in dirt and slobber. And then we had to go make another visit with me like that before the day was up. Haha it was great.

In our area, we have been trying to help a few families of menos activos and conversos recientes to progress towards the temple. But lately they hadn´t been going to church and they hadn´t been fulfilling their cumpromisos and they had been making a lot of excuses. And with (especially with one of them) temple goals at stake, there is no time for flojera in my book. So yesterday, we went to their homes and we had "charlas francas" with them. We we told them how it is and we told them the truth that if they didn´t change they weren´t going to make it to the temple. And when I say charla franca, I really mean that we had some intense talks. But the spirit was so strong the whole time and we told them with so much love that we were all crying. And Hermana Hansen and I literally felt like instruments in God´s hands yesterday. we ended the day with this weird feeling that all the things that have happened in Placilla between us and in the work has been preparing us and leading us the the conversations that we had yesterday with those families. It was honestly a very cool experience. And it made me realize that sometimes God is really direct and clear with us so that we can understand bien what he has in mind for us, so that we can fix our feet and get to steppin in the good ole path that he has already prepared.

I love God. He´s pretty cool like that.

But anywho, have a wonderful week together!! Take lots of pictures and do fun stuff. And get a Cookout milkshake...they´re so good.

Love always and always,

Hermana Abigail Page

*PS. I am trying to decide what I should do for the whole "if I should start byu in Spring or Summer" delima. I´ve been praying and thinking about it, but I feel like I need to hear some pros and cons of the both of them from y´all...so if you guys could tell me what you think and send it to me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

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