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Monday, December 8, 2014

Alma 37:41

Hello Everybody!

This has been a Great week! Full of many small miracles and faith building experiences. So I'll just talk about some of these experiences. So first, to give a little background, this area hasn't been the most successful of areas for the past 3 or 4 transfers, and since I got here last transfer up until this week it hadn't changed much. Some days were pretty discouraging because me and Elder Thorup felt like we were doing our best and putting forth the effort but not seeing the results we thought we deserved. But we have been patient and have just trusted that in His time, the Lord would bless us and the people prepared in the area. The start of this new transfer (which was Tuesday) me, Elder Thorup and the other two Elders (Chase & Vailea) that share the ward with us decided that we would set a goal for this transfer. Our goal was to find a new investigator every single night. At first this goal seemed to be pretty dang lofty at the time considering the entire last transfer we had only found one new person to teach. We all decided that if we wanted to achieve this goal and were willing to put forth the effort, the Lord would bless us and help us make things happen. So praying for help and putting All of our trust in the Lord each day we set out to find a new investigator. We talked to a lot of people, almost every person that passed us on the street. Some were more interested than others, but overall we hadn't found someone to teach yet. so we said I prayer on the side of the street. We then kept walking not even a minute later we ran into this nice older lady named Phyllis and we started talking to her, it turns out she had talked with missionaries before but for some reason stopped meeting with them. Well, she was really nice and open with us. We were able to share "He is the gift" with her and she loved it. We are now planning on meeting with her again. As soon as we were done talking to Phyllis, we then ran into a younger guy down the street whose name is Anthony, to make a long story short we were able to also share the true meaning of Christmas with him and also tied in the fact that God knows and loves each of us because we're his children, and that's why he sent his son Jesus Christ to the earth. It was a very simple message but the spirit touched Anthony and he was even willing to say a prayer before we left. It was something special to see someone who clearly doesn't pray very often pray to Heavenly Father who was listening at that very moment. So just in this one night (Thursday) we were able to find 2 new investigators, but only with the help of the Lord. I know that he put these two in me and Elder Thorup's path so that we could reach out to them and share the gospel with them opening up the door to learn more. I know the lords hand is actively engaged in his work, and he really does number his sheep and knows them.

I know this is a rather long email, but I do want to say that it didn't just stop here from this night till the end of the week, we were able to have similar experiences with two more people, their names are Jodi & Maria. We found each of them on separate nights. Also planning on meeting with them again soon. Its amazing to me that through patience trust and a little bit of faith the lord is able to work miracles today. Things don't always happen in the time or even the way we expect, but I have realized and still realizing that we will always be blessed by doing the will of the Lord and doing what's right. I'm grateful to be a missionary right now. I Love serving others, and watching them except truth and light, its somethin.

Well, this week really was a good one and I hope we can keep up the work that we've started. I love my companion, he's the best! I love All of you So much, family and friends reading this. Thank y'all for keeping me in your prayers, for the emails, letters and packages! I feel loved! I'm lucky to have all of you in my life. I know its a little early, but Merry Christmas! I can't wait to Skype Soon! Which by the way, I'll be sure to let y'all know when that will happen over here exactly. But yep, I hope you all have a great week, and keep being who you are! Give Scarlett a kiss for me, and Daisy. Keep spoiling that fat Cat, he deserves it.

But until next week, be safe and Keep smilin!

Love, Elder Page

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