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Monday, December 15, 2014

Feliz rich kid Navidad...

This week was quite the eventful one!
We had a ward party FINALLY! This ward never has activities, and us as missionaries have been pushing for one since before I got here entonces this week, we had a Christmas party! Woohooo! Ward activities are the best, de verdad! Cause everyone gets a little lose and out of the shell and it´s an easy way to invite friends and less actives.. and there is good food! This activity was super great cause tons of people brought their friends and lots of menos activos that we are working with went to the activity and had a great time! Seeing them smiling and participating and having a good time was honestly the best part.

Also this week we had a Christmas conference with President Kahnlein and it was so great..and he gave us cualquier present! Libros de mormon, books of mormons, mormons messages, new binders...Tons of cool stuff..but thinking about it now, it´s cool in a nerdy missionary way haha. Eh, whatever.

Yesterday, a less active family that we have been visiting (that honestly wasn´t progressing at all) shared something with us. They said that they had had a huge fight (the parents) and he was honestly going to leave. He had everything prepared to go and everything. Then right before, he decided to say a prayer, and since the experience that he had and what the espiritu told him, he has COMPLETELY changed as a person. A literal change of heart. And it just so happens that at the same time the he was praying at home, the wife was praying too, and she received the same counsel and answers/espiritu as him. And now we are working with them so that they can get to the temple as soon as worthily possible. When they told us the experience, the spirit was SO strong and I started to cry, and I had a super big confirmation that the church is true. That all of this is true. Because what else, other than the literal hand of God, can change hearts so drastically?

God lives, and He loves us enough to change us.

I love you all more than anything ever.

Have a wonder week and enjoy your cold Christmas :)

Love always and always,

Hermana Abigail Page

P.S. I sent a package home today, so keep your eyes peeled. BUT you can´t open it til I get home!

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