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Monday, December 22, 2014

Attitude of Gratitude...

I am greatful for: every drop of rain, every pellet of hail, every gust of wind, every second of sunshine, every kind old woman on the bus, every cute little old man who just wants to talk about football or the weather, every person that accepts a smile, every time I'm able to feel genuine love for someone, every time someone allows us to serve them, every on time bus, every late bus, for the map, for every English person who is not shy about telling what stop you need to get off on, for the English people and their honesty (BEST thing EVER), every time someone sits next to me, every moment me and my companion spend walking from place to place, for having such a safe place to live, for having the things we need, for having more than we need, for every meal someone spends time to make for us, for my companion, for all that I learn each and every day, for every time I am humbled, for every time my patience is tested, for every person who has a faith in Christ, for the patience Sister Cross has with me, for the members in South Port, for their love for the work of the Lord, for their love for the people we invite to church, for the support that I feel from the members, from the support I feel from my leaders, from the support I feel from President and Sister Ulrich, from the support I feel from everyone at home, and especially for every single tender mercy that the Lord chooses to bless me with. I really could just go on forever! I just love this work. I'm sorry this is so short, but this is basically all I feel that I need to say :)

Also we're going to celebrate Christmas with three other zones in the mission tomorrow and I am so excited! There really isn't much better than being a missionary during Christmas time!

Love, Sister Miller

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