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Monday, November 24, 2014

Mosiah 24:14...

Hey Everybody,

So this past week was pretty out of the ordinary. To get right down to the nitty gritty... you know the rash I had last week? Well, it started to get worse so I went to the doctor and turns out, I have Shingles! Haha, yep, Shingles! As in the chicken pox for old people, or so I thought. Its actually not uncommon for younger people to get them. Anyway, because of this diagnosis me and Elder Thorup stayed in the apartment for the last five day besides when we had dinner with members, a special training with our zone and a few others and church yesterday. It's been a long, pretty painful week. Shingles aren't fun at all. I won't go into too much detail but basically they have made it hard to do really anything. I was first just kinda laughing at the fact that I had 'em, and then when they started to get worse I was a little more down, but over the past day or so I have been doing a lot better, most of the pain is gone and it's in the healing stages, so we'll be able to go back out and work this week!!

I've never been so happy to say that. As I'm looking back on the past week and the physical pain I went through, I realized that although it wasn't fun I am Actually grateful for it. I've been learning how to rely wholly on the Lord spiritually, but until this point in my mission, I haven't thought to rely on him physically which is just as important. Although this week wasn't the ideal week, I was comforted Every day by the Lord. When I would pray and ask for strength and an ease of my pain, he was right there to answer those prayers. The pain wasn't always taken away, but I was always given the strength to endure it. I really did realize the importance of relying on the Lord physically as well as spiritually, they go hand in hand.

A lot of the strength came when I would decide to read the Book of Mormon, even if it was in bed. I can say without a doubt that that book has a power unlike any other. I always felt better when I was reading the Book of Mormon, or when Elder Thorup would read to me "Joseph Smith the Prophet" (Great Book). I find it pretty funny that even while I was in, ill, for most of the week the Lord was still willing to teach me something, and help me grow. I know that we can be supported in our trials and in our troubles and in our afflictions, all it takes is a simple prayer and a little bit of faith which leads to action on our part. I'm grateful for trials, they are what build us up, strengthen us, and shape us into the sons and daughters our Heavenly Father want us to be. He is here for us.

I'm So glad and grateful I can share my thoughts, feelings, and experiences with y'all every week. I hope that each of you know how happy I am to know and love and be loved by you. How Sweet it is... Haha. But, I am doing well, I'm feeling better and I'm ready to get back out there and do everything I can to further this work! I Love it.

I Love You all, and Miss you. Keep praying, reading your scriptures, and be safe Please. By the Way, give baby Scarlet a kiss on the hand for me, and Daisy one on the head, I miss that cat.

Until Next Week, GodSpeed!

Love, Elder Page

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