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Monday, December 15, 2014

He has suffered so deeply...

This week has been a hard one motivation-ally sometimes because of the weather, but other than that Sister Cross and I have been working hard! It's so freeing to know that we're doing the Lords work. Regardless of the hail, wind, rain, and cold. I really feel like as a companionship we really mesh and we really work hard together. I'm learning so much.

Last Monday after grocery shopping and everything I wanted to send home a package so I asked Sister Cross if we could go back out before p-day was over. So we went out. I was just so determined to get the package sent home! And then finally I got it sent, and we were on a bus back home. I was just sitting there, not thinking about anything but hoping that the package would make it home before Christmas, when I was asked "what convent are you in?" This question snapped me out of my own worries, and right into 'oh yeah, you're a missionary!' This man, Jay, turns out, has had a very very hard last week. We really didn't talk long, and then his bus stop came up. He started to walk away and then I felt "what are you doing?! He needs peace." And so I NEVER do this but we just got off at the same stop as this man, had to as normally as possible stop him before he walked away, and just stumbled out with we're missionaries (which he already knew, because I just told him...) and then I just told him how much his Heavenly Father loves him. And that Jesus Christ has suffered so deeply, so that He can know what we go through. I was in tears and so was he. We haven't seen him since, but I know that he felt the love that God has for him.

I am grateful to be able to give myself fully to the Lord the season. I'm trying, and I'm not perfect, but I'll keep on giving my all. I know that the church is true, and I know that is is a key part of my purpose as a missionary to let people know that they have a loving Heavenly Father. I leave these things with you, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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