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Monday, November 24, 2014

I will find another...

Last week in the market, I bought 3 pounds of strawberries for 2 dollars. Hahaha I was literally in strawberry heaven all week long! And guess how many strawberries I have today? NADA. Let´s right.

Hermana Hansen and I have been doing servicio for every member de consejo del barrio. On Saturday, we did "spring cleaning" with the primary president in her house and her non-member husband was rockin out to 80´s music the whole time. It was actually really fun! And I didn´t realize it til then, but I actually miss spring cleaning haha.

My great moment of the week was companionship inventory...chunchunnn... Nuhh, just kidding. The first cambio that Hermana Hansen and I had together, we both felt like we were missing something...like there was just something off that we couldn´t figure out. And then on Thursday during companionship inventory, for the first time, Hermana Hansen really opened open. She told how she was feeling about herself, the mission, us...about everything. And as she was talking I realized that me and her are way similiar that it´s almost crazy. And I also realized that I had had a few of the same experiences as the ones that she is passing through now. I was able to comfort and listen and counsel her. In that moment, I really felt like we jumped a hurdle...and now we are ready to run the sprint. Since Thursday, it´s been a different spirit in our companionship..more unidad, amor, paciencia, understanding. I am just so grateful for the companions that I have had, have, and will have. I know that they are literally selected by God to be with me where and when they are. What a blessing!

Love always and always,

Hermana Abigail Page

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