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Monday, November 10, 2014

Splat go the blueberries...

All of these Hermanas were Abigail's companion through out her mission:

Her Latino Sisters!

Bad news of the week: We went "market hunting" and finally found a cheap farmers market type thing that sales blueberries and strawberries for cheap. (cause in the grocery shore its like 5 bucks for a teeeeeeeeeennny container.....ya ain´t buyin those suckers!) So we were walking in the town center about to cross the main road and I was trying to rearrange my berries so that I didnt have so much in my hands, and suddenly PLOP..my bag broke open and my carton of deliciously cheap blueberries splattered everywhere. I felt like I was gonna throw up cause I was so sad. A good 8 blueberries survived...so I guess I´ll eat those later today..haha.

Random side note of the week: The micros (buses) here all race one another on the road in order to pickup the most passengers before the others can.. haha. It makes the public transportation a lot more interesting to use...but some times we are a little scared for our lives. A little road rage always does spice up the journey!

Good news of the week: I love being a missionary. The reason (for this week) why I love being a missionary is cause as Christ´s representative, I literally feel His love for His children. Like I´ve said before, I look at them and the spirit just fills me up and I almost start crying when I try and tell them of the love that God has for them. It has been one of the greatest blessings of my mission...being able to show the love of God towards His children. It really makes me feel like an effective hija de Dios. And I know that in turn the people feel the love of their Savior...what better way to live!

Love always and always,

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