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Monday, November 17, 2014

Wild Week...

Hey Everybody,

So this week has been pretty crazy to say the least. But first I just want to say that the news about S'mores is okay. I will miss that cat more than anyone knows, but I think I was prepared to hear that he had passed on. I have just felt peace all day and to hear about S'mores hasn't changed that. You know, there's no real doctrine or scriptures on it, but I can't help but say I know I'll see that little cat again. He was literally a member of the family. I love 'em, a lot. But I know he really is in a better place.

Well, as far as my week here went, not too much happened as far as out of the ordinary. Me and Elder Thorup were able to teach 6 times in the past week, all on different days, so we had a busier week, which was really nice. We should be having an investigator named Julian coming to church next week, he's a really cool guy. But overall the work here is starting to pick up a little bit. The Lord is mindful of every area that missionaries are serving in, All around the world, and I have definitely seen his hand in the day to day matters here. Prayer is such a powerful tool we have. And what a blessing. We have the chance, even the invitation to pray daily to a father in heaven who Knows us and cares about us. He is there to listen, to help, to forgive, to uplift, and strengthen. And I'm seeing that its through the prayers offered daily, whether it be nightly prayer or even a short prayer over my breakfast, I feel and know that he is listening.

On a side note, Someone told me this past week something that really helped me want to be better for this coming week, they said that we should tell all people we meet, even those that are mean to us that we Love them. And this really hit me. As Heavenly Father Loves me I also know that he love every Single one of his children and we should always see and treat others as who they really are, and that's children of God. I know that this is the work that the lord has called me to do, and he expects my best, and so I want to give him my best. I also know though that I will fall short, Everyday, but the fact that I can Pray, Everyday, and ask for help and strength to be better brings the greatest peace and happiness into my life. And it is the greatest blessing to share this knowledge with these people here in California. So overall this week has been pretty good. I am Happy, so things are good!

One last thing before I go. This week a weird rash type thing started to appear on parts of my back and chest. It's kinda weird but I saw the mission nurse and she said it doesn't look serious, but she gave me some medication to try and treat it. I guess we'll see what happens. Other than that though this week has been really good and pretty tame. I Love y'all So much and I thank Heavenly Father everyday for giving me such good friends and such an Amazing family. I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy!

Sorry if this email was all over the place. I'll be looking forward to next week, until then, be safe, have a wonderful week, and keep me in your prayers please. Us missionaries need all the prayers we can get.

Love, Elder Page

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