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Monday, November 3, 2014

It's Winter...


This past week was just again, too fast for comfort.

We had exchanges this week, so Sister Hunter went to South Ribble and I stayed here in Southport with another sister. I was terrified. First off getting back from Preston was interesting! Last exchange I didn't get lost but this time...we did! Haha darn bus systems sometimes get the best of me. So about 30 minutes of being like "this doesn't look familiar" I finally humbled myself enough to ask the driver if the bus went into Southport...nope! Haha but he said to hop off at the next stop and a bus that does should come. So we got off, and I was thinking that we'd have to wait for a long time, but turns out the right bus came within a minute. The Lord was really watching over me that exchange...even if we got lost a few more times...haha. This week was just great, I really feel myself growing and stretching. It is also really hard because I've been very doubtful of myself, and I felt so bad for doubting myself because it's like I'm not placing enough trust in the Lord. I'm really working on that because I know if I trust then I cannot go wrong.
I think this week me and Sister Hunter worked so well together and we're really learning how to be 100% honest with each other in the most loving way. I really appreciate it because that's how Christ was, he was lovingly honest.
This week was full of miracles, and I think I'm learning to recognize the Lords hand in everything. During weekly planning (we plan once a week for the week to come) we moved a whole bunch of people to the former investigators section (people we were teaching stopped talking with us, so we moved them to the section in the book where we keep things organized) and we're basically starting fresh. It was very hard but it had to be done! And then the day after Halloween we had just helped clean the chapel and then we were heading to a members home when all of a sudden on this random shop corner we ran into one of the people we moved to the former section (it's the women we met at night when I didn't want to be out!) I had never been so happy. We just started to talk to her which was so nice, and she seemed to warm right back up. Then we talked to her about her problems and then I was trying to understand what the spirit was directing me to say when I thought that we should talk about blessings(like what I got before I came to England) (Sister Hunter and I had just received one for the new transfer). It took a lot of courage to actually act on the prompting because in my head I was thinking "why does she need to hear this?" "don't scare her away!!!" but I knew that it was a prompting from the spirit so I said it anyways...it went so good. Sister Hunter and I were truly able to just help her understand blessings and the priesthood, and she wanted to meet with us again after it :) I am so grateful that the Holy Spirit speaks to me. I feel bad that I worry and fight it sometimes, but I'm working on it more.

Also, this week there is guy fox night (I don't know much about what it is, but they have bonfires and fireworks) and so we'll be in at 5 that night as well. People have been shooting off fireworks since the day before Halloween.. I wish I could understand the association between fireworks and there holidays, but whatever. I love the English people :)

I love that I'm learning and growing every day,

Sister Miller

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