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Monday, November 10, 2014

Growing Pains part 2...

I have been stretched like nobody's business.

Me and Sister Hunter have been working really hard, and we had another lesson with Michelle (she reminds me of you mom!)! It was so good. She asks us really deep questions and has a genuine desire to grow, but yet when we call her to set up another time we cannot get ahold of her so that's just something we're working with.

This week I was tested. We were leaving a members home after doing family history with her and we saw this man walking towards us. We stopped him, and he asked if we were Mormons, the typical beginnings of conversation. This man, Malcom, even said he had a book of Mormon. We were so happy. And then we invited him to read from it and we told him to pray to know if it was true. He then started talking about how nobody knows if there is a god, or Jesus, or anything because we weren't there when it all happened. We started to explain and he would just cut us off. It was becoming a debate so quick. So I just did what I knew to do, and I bore my testimony. I told him that I KNOW the book of Mormon is true, and that I KNOW there is a God, and he loves us. But then he just got in my face and said I didn't know. Sister hunter then said alright, thank you, bye! And we walked away and I was just in tears. It was hard to have some man in my face questioning my testimony. That kind of set the tone for the rest of the week, because it really discouraged me. I prayed every night to trust the Lord and that he would give me courage to try again tomorrow, but I was just so scared to share the gospel!

The advisory can really just knock ya down. I just think that's probably something that comes with trying to share the gospel. There's the quote by Thomas S Monson (the prophet) and it says "sometimes courage is that little voice in the back of your head, saying 'i'll try again tomorrow'" Or something like that. I just am learning to be courageous. This week we have interviews with President and Sister Ulrich, so I am SO excited for that, they are just the best. We also have a specialized training! And then Friday we have exchanges so I'll be in chorley again for two days!

I'm greatful that no matter how hard things can become, there is always someone to pick you back up, all you have to do is ask :) So try to double your prayers this week, it is AMAZING the difference it makes.

Love Sister Miller

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