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Monday, October 27, 2014

Just walking down the street...

Elder Page loves the California Sunsets
He still can't believe he is serving where Elder Dallin Page served
And he bought this "sweet" Tie at a thrift store for a dollar!!!

Hey there everybody!!!

Things are going good here in sunny (high of 85) California. Yep, it has in fact been that hot for the past week, its a little cooler today, but I still can't believe its almost November. Time is Flying by I'll tell y'all what. Time on the mission is unlike anything else, its weird.

But things are going Great! Me and Elder Thorup have been doing a lot of good work here over the past week, we have been able to teach almost every night and the members really are great about helping us with the work, 'Im loving the members of this ward already! They had the ward trunk or treat the other night and we were able to go. It was pretty fun, and it brought back some good memories from University City Trunk or Treat. The members made sure to give us some candy, which was nice, they're lookin after us!

Me and Elder Thorup are getting along so well, we are definitely growing in unity, and brotherhood, we can feel it everyday, its pretty cool. As long as I've been out, I have definitely realized that those companionship's who put all personal preferences aside and just learn to love one another always are happier and work better, and are given more opportunities to serve. Me and Elder Thorup are doing well, and are seeing little blessings left and right.

Last Monday night, we were out going by some people and nobody was home and time was going by pretty slow. It seemed like we werent getting much done, so we started walking, not really with a plan, and so I said a quick little prayer to myself, asking Heavenly Father to help me and Elder Thorup find someone that night that we could talk to on the street and that would be at least somewhat interested in the message that we have to share. So we kept walking and not even a minute later I looked across the street and saw a woman walking her dog. I had a pretty strong impression to go and talk to her, but I have to say, I didn't immediately talk to her simply because I said she was across the street, so we kept walking. We got to the intersection, and while we were waiting on the crosswalk the Same lady who just a minute earlier been walking the other way walked up by us and we both didnt even hesitate to stop her and talk to her. She turned out to be a really nice lady named Crystal, who had good feelings about the church, and who's son had actually been recently asking questions about god and just life in general. She also had some questions, so we ended up giving her a pamphlet and told her to go home and read it with her son, and we would come by another time and talk with her about what they read. The craziest thing about the whole thing is that in the process of kinda saying goodbye, she said, "well it was really nice to meet you two, this was nice, I actually don't know why I'm walking this way, I was on my way home."

Walking home ourselves after this just opened my eyes and strengthened my testimony of the Lord and his knowing of all this and all people, including me and Elder Thorup, our prayers, and the needs of those who dont have the gospel in their lives. I felt really blessed to have a prayer like that answered so quickly and in the process we were able to help someone else.

I Love this work which I have the chance to do everyday. Its such an amazing work, and although at times it may seem like our efforts are minimal, or that we aren't really making a difference, if we serve other and the lord with all our hearts and do the very best we can, we will be blessed and we will be instruments in his hands daily. Well, thats my story for the week. I hope it all made sense, I dont have the time to proof read it. But Im doing well y'all, I hope each of you is doing good and that y'all are happy in all that you do. I'm praying for you guys and think of yall everyday. Thank you for the love, letters, packadges, and prayers. Everything! Thank You so much!!

I'll email next week, and hopefully have something good to share, I love you All! Keep living the gospel and happiness will find you.

Until next time,



Elder Page

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