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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

John 5:8

Hey Everyone!!!

Its been a long week, but definitely a Spiritually packed week, and a week of growth. So Starting wednesday, we had Zone Conference which was three zones including the one Im in and two others. We got to be enriched by some of the mission leaders, like Aps, Zone leaders, and district leaders, and of course president Tew. So I just want you all to know, President Tew is one of the kindest, funniest, most spiritual guys I have ever met, he is definitely called of the lord. I feel the spirit everytime Im around him, and the best part is that he's so personable and relatable, I never feel, nurvous or intimidated by him, which is good! Haha. Anyways, so Zone conference was Sooo Good! The trainings we had were so powerful and the spirit was definitely there. Its crazy how meetings like that can just unite a group of people who may not even know each other, the lord has a way of bringing those he has called together. The next day after that, we had Zone Meeting. That's where we meet just as a zone and have missionaries give training, and typically ideas and ways we can strengthen the zone and see more success. Those are always great! But this one has been the best by far, our zone is so great, everyone are hard workers and want to do our best. We all get along so well. Its really something to get together with 18, 19 20 year olds just like you with the same goals but also similar struggles as you and just to be able to help one another by bearing testimony, reading scriptures, praying, and just talking with one another. The lord knows us personally and puts people in our paths to help us and strengthen us, I have come to realize that more and more as a missionary, and I Love It!

So this past weekend was obviously General Conference, which was So Good! The leaders of the church never let us down. I Got so much out of this conference, but I would have to say my two favorite talks were Pres monson, sunday morning, holland, saturday afternoon, and bednar, sunday afternoon. Its a cool thing to go around all day everyday telling people that we have a prophet today and that we can know that he is the prophet by listening to him and reading his words. And then to actually attend conference with these people, some who have never even heard of the word prophet, and then watch them change right before my eyes because of the spirit that they feel when the prophet and his apostles speak. Thats a modern day miracle right there. My testimony of President Thomas S Monson has grown tremendously over the past weekend. There is Not a doubt in my mind that he is a prophet that has been called by god, and that he is inspired, receiving revelation for all of us, helping us, guiding us, and ultimately setting an example for us. What a guy President Monson is! All in all, conference was SwwweeeeT! I Loved it. It was a new experience watching it as a missionary, but the spirit was there, in a way, I haven't felt during conference before. Great weekend!

I know this is getting pretty long, but the last thing I'll talk about is the temple. This morning, we woke up at 3am to drive to LA and go to the temple. I'll just say this, it was worth the loss of sleep. LA, is so amazing. The temple is huge, and its beautiful! It was an amazing experience. Im so lucky to be able to go to the temple as a missionary. I Love the temple so much. The peace we can feel within the walls of the temple is unreal. Its not like any other peace we can have in this world. And the lord has given them to us to enjoy and to feel his love and his spirit. I guess I'll just end on this. The temple is So special, so I would encourage all of ya to go sometime before next month, it may seem inconvenient, I can promise you that if you want to go, the lord will allow a way for it to happen. The church is true. I Know that the book of mormon is true, I Love that Book. The lord knows exactly how to change us in order to reach our full potential and help be as happy as we possibly can be. It wont always be easy, in fact it will probably be hard most of the time, but I have realized that its in those moment we undergo the most change, and a lasting change of heart and of nature.

Well, I Love you All!! And I miss you guys. Thank you for everything you do for me, even if its a prayer once a day, thank you. Im praying for each of you everyday! I hope things are going good, tell paw paw jack I said hi, give smores and daisy pats oj the head for me and tell scarlett I love her and cant wait to see her! I cant wait to email next week and tell yall whats going on, but until then, Godspeed!

Love, Elder Page

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