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Monday, October 27, 2014

Rubba dub dub...

I feel like my email this week is just going to be a collection of random pensamientos cause I don´t have any news to share, de verdad.
-This week I met a missionary from the Galápagos islands. She is the first missionary to leave from there and she´s really cool. Before her mission she worked with endangered turtles and sharks.
-Everyone here thinks that just cause your a gringo missionary you have cualquier idea for games of family home evening...and let me tell ya..that is false doctrine if I´ve ever heard it. Sometimes, when the whole ward knows all your games, you´ve gotta get despirate in inventing stuff off the top of your head. If anything, the mission is preparing me to have great FHE in the future!

-Chilenos are addicted to brownies. This is a typical "get to know you" conversion (even in the street) here: "Hola, whats your name?" "Hermana Page" "Y de donde es?" "Los Estados Unidos" "Ahhh...gringa.....Do you know how to make brownies?" (its a good thing she makes THE BEST BROWNIES!)

-Every chileno has a fanny pack and wears it with pride. I don´t know why, but I think of Dad everytime I see one haha.

-This week we found 2 huge poisonous/deadly spiders in our house this week. Se llaman "aranas de ricón" and they are one of the most deadly spiders in Chile. And lucky their natural climate/habitat just so happens to be the limits of our mission...oh happy day! But don´t worry, we bought Raid and Hermana Hansen practically sleeps with it next to her bed now haha.

-In the mornings for exercises, I am teaching Hermana Hansen a little bit of ballet (cause she´s always wanted to learn). It feels so werid to dance again...but I secretly love it. It makes me really happy inside!

-The ward that I´m in now is like a stateside ward.. with "cuicos" (mid-class/rich people). And I am not gonna lie, it´s been a weird adjustment. For over a year, I´ve been in wards that are "poorer" or country areas....like real "chilean wards" with "chilean people". And now, I´m all of a sudden thrown into area with really different people. And yesterday, I was talking to Hermana Hansen about it and I realized that I really missed the other types of area/barrio and that adjusting myself to the people and their way of living has been kinda hard in these past weeks. Than I realized that maybe the Lord sent me here so that I could adjust myself poco por poco to "normal" people, so that when I go home I didn´t completely break down.... Puede ser. I don´t know...just a thought that I had.

Hope my random thought process email wasn´t a complete waste of time to read haha. We will try to be more adventurous this week so I have something to share!

Love you all bunches. Portanse bien!

Love always and always,

Hermana Abigail Page

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