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Monday, October 20, 2014

Two peas in a pod...

Two cosas:
Uno: I love my companion. This week with Hermana Hansen has been great. Hard work, but great company. And yes, I note that we are still in the "honeymoon phase" of cambios, so it´s not all gonna be sunshine and daisies forever, but I am really excited to work and grow together! We are pretty similar...sometimes it freaky similar the things we have in common, but I already love her lots and I´m ready to see the miracles come :)

Dos: I love that the Lord loves us enough to correct us and give us trials. Ahh, seriously, I can´t describe how much I have learned to love the Lord and the way He works. I have had trails. Lots of trials in the mission (like everyone else)...with companions, with wards, with areas, with sicknesses, with walking all day without one person giving us even a half second or interest...weeks like that...months without people really progressing.

I have cried... okay okay, well a handful of times, I´ve cried, I´ve prayed, I´ve...I don´t even now how to describe it.....I´ve just been completely tired and worn out at times.

But honestly, the hand of the Lord has been so present every single step of the way, that honestly, I have just learned to enjoy the journey. I am so BEYOND grateful for the companions that have loved me enough to correct me, make me more obedient, love me with my weaknesses and all, help me develop more fe and attributos de Cristo. I now look forward to the moments when I am corrected and when Cristo sends me a trial cause I know that it´s for the better! It´s always for the better!

Now to be straight out, that by no way means that I´m not gonna get disanimated or discouraged and all that in the process. Sure I will! I ain´t perfect para nada. But I can say that, I have been eternally changed by my mission. In so many ways that I can´t count. I love it here. And almost crying while writing this, I know it´s true. I seriously, con todo mi alma, 100%, si o si, love the mision. I know I say it lots, but it´s the best.

Take a year and a half out of my plans so that the Lord can change me for eternity? Welp, I don´t think that it gets much better than that now does it?

Love always and always,

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