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Monday, October 27, 2014

We survived the weather...

Holy moly,
Let me just say, NEVER and I mean never ask "where's the rain?" in England because I can swear to you that it will come, and it will soak you through! Tuesday was the craziest weather ever and it didn't really feel like we were missionaries because we kind of just hopped from one members home to the next because it was just bad out! So it was strange, but it's okay.
And this week we also met this really nice nun, Sister Margaret! We went back to her home on Monday night and we were just going to teach her about what the Book of Mormon is, but the spirit totally just led that lesson! She some how brought up that she's used family search (the family history website) and she absolutely loved it! We then got talking to her about how we can actually help her do her family history and we'll be doing that this week. There is not much better than helping people connect with their families.
I did a lot of my family history work this week as well, and we have these little booklets called My Family Books and what you do is you tape pictures of your family and write about them, and they're like a convenient way to do family history. Well I finally did mine, and it was just the best! It is so fun and easy to just talk to people about my family, and it just makes missionary work that much more personal. I just have loved this past week, and I have learned a lot. I'm really learning each and every day to trust FULLY in the Lord, and I am so grateful for that. This week we're going on exchanges and I'm in south port again without sister hunter...so I'm glad the Lord was preparing me all last week for this one! Also we had stake conference (where a bunch of congregations within an area come together for one big meeting every 6 months) and I just love members! They really just love spending time with the missionaries and it makes me so happy! Also, the family that we went with on Sunday had 3 young children, and I was next to the youngest (probably 1-2) and he looked like he was being all sweet and then tried to bite my arm!!! Haha and me and sister hunter could not stop laughing (which is even worse that is was a very reverent meeting) because it's like a normal this he does, he's a very affectionate child and that's how he shows his love..hahaha English children.
I am so greatful to be here in England, even if it means fending off biting children! :)
Sister Miller

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