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Monday, August 31, 2015

Because of Him...

We had a wonderful zone meeting this week and our assistants didn't teach us about missionary skills, but they taught us about the most important life skill that we can ever have, and that is charity. I've been trying to perfect this my whole mission, but something I love is that they pointed out a great way to develop charity is to make Christ the reason behind EVERYTHING we do. There's a little motto from a mission in Japan that we've been focusing on as a mission for a few weeks now and I finally have a better understanding it:

Obedience is the price,
Faith is the Power,
Love is the Motive,
The Spirit is the Key,
And Christ is the Reason

I've really been trying to take this on board! I LOVE the way I feel lately as I've been teaching. Even when people aren't quite friendly, simply making Christ the reason takes away the sting of any rejection and harsh word. I can honestly feel a difference as I teach with a more pure reason behind every word, and something else I learned this week is "We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day." -elder Richard g Scott. So if I want to become more like my saviour, then I need to be making a consistent and hard working effort everyday to become more like him! I love that through the gospel of Jesus Christ, we learn that simple things like prayer and scripture study can help us strengthen at the things that life throws at us, and we really can have Christ become our reason for everything. These past few weeks haven't been particularly easy and sometimes I would just love for missionary work to be just a tiny bit easier, but I'm greatful for a great companion, strong and faithful members, loving family and friends, and most importantly my support from my father in heaven. I just love Him and my saviour.

After zone meeting I got to go on exchange with the lovely sister Carroll! I just loved the learning experiences that exchanges bring. I think the thing I learned the most is that we need to not only let Christ change our behaviour, but change our nature. I also just loved how she set a great example for me in pondering things, I can definitely see in her countenance how it reflects the saviour. We both felt that this transfer we were supposed to serve together, and during our exchange it felt so normal, but Gods timing is different than ours, so we're hoping at the end of our missions that president will just send us to some part of the mission that is really rough, and we'll bring light into it together!

Also This week we had a wonderful chance as a district to try and build charity within our district. So on district night we went around and said strengths of every single person in the district. It really helped my love to increase even more for those that I serve around and I just love them. They came to the conclusion that I'm fearless! I was so greatful for that, haha it was lovely to know that I fear no man and I'm hoping to increase as I develop charity.

Gavin is still doing well, he's consistently reading end Book of Mormon and the only reason he didn't make it to church today was because of a big mix up on our part! We'll be seeing him on Wednesday and I'm greatful for that.

We're still doing loads of finding, Piccadilly (city centre of Manchester) has never been more interesting for the street displays, and I don't think I'll ever get tired of feeling unified with my companion, district and zone! I'm constantly being reminded of the many many blessings I have, and I don't think I could ever be more greatful for the skills and talents God has blessed me with to share the gospel with His children.

Sorry I don't have any pictures today, it's bank holiday and that means the library's are closed! I love you all though, remember to say your prayers and have a lovely week!

Love, Sister Miller

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