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Monday, August 3, 2015

Things just got Rhyl...

Hi everyone,

it's been a cold and wet week here in Stretford, but it's
been a good one none the less. So we have transfers this Wednesday and
sadly sister black will be going to Rhyl, near Wales, and ill be
staying in Stretford with sister Larsen! She's from Salt Lake City,
Utah, and she was companions with sister Andersen in the mtc! I am
grateful for another transfer here in Manchester, it'll be exciting to
see what the next six weeks will bring! I am so sad to see sister
black leave though, we've just learned so much together and I think
what the best thing about a mission is, is that no matter where you
are and who you're with, it's meant to be! I think this is the only
time in my life where I'll know that 100%, no questions asked!

Sadly James has officially dropped us and Tayo got in contact with us
again, but is still not interested. The great thing is though that as
long as we're doing all that we can, then were successful
missionaries. This past week we did loads of finding, haha the best
was when we did a street display and the rain got so bad that before
we could clear off the material from the table everything just got
soaked! But the nice thing was that we still had a great time and many
people listened! Plus we got really good milkshakes after. Something I
noticed that helped me throughout the week was having a grateful
attitude! Regardless of what we were doing, we just couldn't help but
notice all of the tender mercies! One great one was when we left
district meeting and we hopped on the bus. Eventually it just started
to smell like super bad, so we had to go upstairs. As we walked up
there was this man, uni aged, sitting in the back. Haha of course my
first reaction was to say hello and turns out he's been taught by
missionaries before and was really close to being baptized! He's not
in our area, but it's great to know that God is so aware of him! Ah,
this work is just really fulfilling.

Sorry I don't have much to say
today, but remember to say your prayers, love you all!
Sister Miller

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