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WhErE tHe PaGeS oF tHiS bOoK nEvEr EnD

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Another year older...

Hello everyone!
What a week it has been. I got a new companion, I turned 20, and we have been immensely blessed.

First things first, I love love love my new companion! I'm always a bit nervous for transfers because well, it's a change. But I always find out that I had no reason to worry because I know that this is our heavenly fathers work, and it is inspired! I was really worried about being here another transfer but I have seen multiple times this week reasons why I'm still here.

One of those big reasons is to learn from sister Larsen, our first study together she talked to me about how she was studying the Christ like attributes, that specific day she had studied humility, and then she told me the things that she had learned about pride. Wow, I have many things I need to work on, but I'm greatful to have it brought to my knowledge! I love that were able to continually grow in this gospel.

Another reason is the people that God has literally raised up for us to teach! Many are from some past street displays, one is a former, and another is someone that we street contacted from last transfer. I wish I had time to tell you about all of them but I think I'll tell you about Paul and then James.

Paul is so humble and is really searching for light. Me and sister black met him on the way to the bus stop last transfer, and we finally got in with him this past Friday. We asked him what he was expecting from our visit and he talked about how he wanted to find something to give him more hope in his life, and was basically just interested in the "Mormons" haha. So anyways, we shared with him the message of the restoration (we have five different lessons we go through with people and this one focuses on how God is our Heavenly Father and that since he loves us he has called a prophet on the earth today), and he soaked it all in! He came to church today and he actually really enjoyed it. He said he loved how everyone was so friendly and just loved it. He has struggles and so were prayerfully trying to help him overcome it. It was interesting because we got to talk with him after church and he was telling us about the things he is struggling with and I just wanted to cry because I could feel his pain and how much he wants to be free from them. If I can have charity for this man, I cannot imagine how much the saviour loves us.

Then there's James (a different one than before)! Again, we met him last early transfer at a street display and he called us last week! He said he wants to hear what we had to say so we went over last night with brother Bob and sister Diane and it was honestly just such a lovely visit! James has a past, but something he said about his past was that "he never wants to see that side of him again" we were able to explain how through the things that Jesus Christ has done for us our pasts can be washed away! James loved this and he's even going to bring a friend next time as well who needs a brighter hope as well!

I'm feeling so happy and ready to take on anything! I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week and remember to say your prayers!

Sister Miller

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