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Monday, August 24, 2015

The Field is White...

Hello Everyone!

So There is just a lot of Good that is happening here in Long Beach East in the Woodruff Ward. I cant believe another week has flown by but it has. Elder Prisbrey and I have been setting some good goals and been doing everything we can to achieve them. The Lord is blessing us, our companionship, our investigators, and this ward. I don't know how many times after a lesson or just outa the blue we both just decided to offer a prayer of gratitude because we are just feeling so blessed. The area is on the rise, we are working with a lot of awesome people, both investigators and less actives.

One of our investigators Daleen, is doing Great! We had a really good lesson with her this week, where the whole time it felt like she was just bringing up the smallest concerns and asking a lot of questions. Just as we felt like we weren't getting anywhere, she just broke down and said that she knows its All true... She just is worried to make the adjustment and is afraid she wont be able to give up certain things. We all just felt the spirit so strong, and we then instead of trying to prove anything to Daleen simply reached out in Love and did our best to understand how she felt and we set some goals and made plans with her to reach a baptismal date for Oct. 31st. Halloween! Its perfect, if you knew Daleen you would know how perfect it is to have a baptism on Halloween. We are gonna have to do a lot of praying, and we will work our hardest with her and she will have to work hard to reach that date, but she is determined, she has the faith and we all know Heavenly father will help her to get there. There's been other investigators we've taught this week, Jaclyn and Steven the young married couple. We went over with Brother Neilson ( Member of the ward) And they just hit it off! we had a short but powerful Restoration lesson. After hearing the first vision we asked how they felt and Steven just said he felt chills, and Jaclyn said the same thing. They are so prepared to receive the gospel we just have to continue to help them see that they are.

The members in this ward are so supportive, our investigators are doing good, me and Elder Prisbrey are getting along Really well. We're easily gonna hang out after the mission some way some how. One last thing because this computers about to kick me off. Adriana got baptized this past week!! It was such an awesome experience. Both of her daughters came and you could tell they both felt the spirit after the service Alexa (Adriana's 11 Yr old) said, so when can I get baptized. So its just the beginning for Adriana and her family. Elder Anderson Emailed me today and said that after she was confirmed on Sunday she just said when she sat down, "That Was Beautiful". It has been a blessing being able to work with and help Adriana and her family except the gospel. I can't wait to hear more from them as my mission and life go on. They will be one of if not the first families I visit when I come back here.

The Lord's Work just keeps moving forward and we are all just instruments in his hands to speed things up a little, that's why missionary work is so important because there are people out there that are ready they may just not know it yet. I can promise anyone that does missionary work will feel something special and that the Lord will give you chances to share the gospel if you let him. Well, gotta wrap it up here but I hope todays email helped someone feel the spirit today.

I Love Yall So Much. Until Next Week... Godspeed!

Love, Elder Page

P.S. Congratulations Matt And Kimber!!! Yall are parents now! Jack is one Studly Baby. Cant wait to meet him! I Love You Two! Keep them Babies Comin'!

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