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Sunday, August 9, 2015

oh what do you do in the summer time?...

I can't believe our visit to Utah has already come and gone. Week vacations just simply are not long enough.
SO instead of having the kids home this summer we flew to Utah with Dallin, Jaclyn and Little Scarlett (who did great on the plane).
Kimber was just too far along in her pregnancy to get on a plane, so we brought the party to them. We found a great house to rent with lots
of room for us all, and more, because we were going to be having some gatherings. It worked out perfectly for us and was in a great location
to BYU since Abigail was still in class.

First thing we did was gather to eat! Food always brings people together. We arrives around noon. Everyone was available but Zach.
He was still at work, but we caught up with him at his Do Terra office to pick him up. Finally we were all together.

First night together we attended a Real Salt Lake Soccer game, sooo fun! I love watching soccer and it was filled with excitement.
I mostly enjoyed watching my boys enjoy the game. They get to so involved, its fun to watch.

Saturday was a crazy busy day. We were up early to make food to go to a baby shower the sisters were giving Kimber. I did not get any pictures from, but they got a lot of cute things
for Little Jack. After the shower we were headed back to the house to host a cook out with RMNCC mission (those that had served in our area) and also one of Steve's mission companions.
What a great night. We were united with missionaries that we have loved and taken care of while they were in NC. Some of the are married and have started their families, others are in school,
while others are working. They are all doing great.

Jeff & Diana Lauder, one of Steve's mission companions in Manuas, Brasil. They had not seen each other in 30 years. This was one of the funniest
times of the night to see them catch up and laugh. Steve enjoyed it so much!

Sister Christy Buckley, she served the longest in Kannapolis ward 10 1/2 mths. So she really became part of the family. She is so sweet. Everyone says that she is the young Sharmyn Mitchell, and it is
totally true.

Elder Chase Burk and his wife Alex and their little boy Harrison. One of the sweetest and most thoughtful Elders we have ever had. He is so good at keeping in touch and letting us know
how he and his family are doing. They are up in Rexburg IDright now. Alex is recovering from some difficulties following the birth of Harrison, we keep her in our prayers to continue to get well.

Elder Phil Woodruff and his wife Lisa, and daughters Abigail, Isabelle, Miriam and Lilly. Not sure how we missed them in this picture, he was probably upstairs talking. He served way back with us when are kids were small (Abigail was 4) she and Elder Woodruff had a real attachment :)
(as to the name of his first daughter) and wife Lisa.
They drove down from Rexburg also. He is doing pre med wanting to become a surgeon. It was so nice to see them and their cute girls.

Elder Kurtis Skousen and Sister Wood. Kurtis has not been home too long, he and Sister Wood came home the same day. She did not serve in our ward, but she and Kurtis got engaged I believe that day before
their visit with us. We are happy for these two and wish them much happiness together.

Sister Courtney White and Sister Ayancy Valarde back together again :) they served together here in Kannapolis. They are still as cute and enthusiastic as ever! It was great seeing them.

We call these guys "the originals" Elder Nolan Jenkins and Elder Carson Gillett. They were the first missionaries that were in our Kannapolis ward move. They were there when Steve was called as Bishop, and when our first missionary (Dallin) left for his mission. They were companions here, and they are still good friends. Nolan and his wife Chela (who was sick) and his two boys Duke & Braxton live in Lehi. Nolan is a police officer and a busy dad. Carson and Brooke live in Bountiful with their two boys Stockton & Crew. Carson does plumbing and is working on building their first home. We love these guys they are like sons, and brothers to my kids.

Elder Zamaleki Smethurst and Sister Brooke Holman. Zamaleki served here almost as long as Sister Buckley, but at different times.(so he is a close one) He is up in the Logan area working & developing some of his real state that he owns. He and Brook met up on a visit that he made back to NC, then again later and have become friends. Brooke's first area was here in Kannapolis when Abby was leaving on her mission. She is in school and lives in Springville, UT. She is a sweetie!

We had a wonderful time catching up with everyone. Thanks so much to those who came. We missed a lot of you that did not, but we still love you. Looking forward to next years gathering! We love you all and wish only the best of things and much happiness.

Sunday was a much needed day of rest. We were all tired from the very late nights prior, gotta love 1:00 church! After church we had a visit at lunch. One of Dallin's mission companions Elder Isaac Allred and his wife Christina and their son Gage. It was a tender mercy from a very loving Heavenly Father that got them together and at the perfect time. This was the first companion or anyone Dallin had seen since his mission. It was a great visit for all. Hope they will keep in touch over the years.

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