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Monday, August 17, 2015

Right where you are...

Our week has been just interesting. Haha so this is the rundown:
extended a baptism invitation to Paul, turns out he was intoxicated and
didn't remember any of our visit, failed my theory(first part of getting UK drivers licence) haha they make sister Larsen leave the testing centre so she had to wander around by herself in a nearby shopping centre! I think there was one of the worst storms I've seen in my mission this week it even soaked through my umbrella, our roof is leaking, there was a HUGE spider in the kitchen and our neighbour heard us scream so he came to find the spider haha, almost got attacked by a cat, and just so many more odd things Haha but honestly, we've just been laughing through it all and I've loved the randomness.

I think something that my mission has really taught me to do is to endure, but not just to endure, but to enjoy! That word, enjoy is so key. We need to live our loves "in joy" and not just waiting for the next thing to happen, or say I'll be happy when..., but instead really working and being obedient and faithful until God sees it fit to bless us with the things he desires.

One person on the street this week had some really interesting questions about God and who he really is, and why, if he's there, can he not fix this world? We get this all of the time, but for me this week it seemed extremely real as I have been wondering why certain things aren't happening in my area for missionary work. And I then remembered, Gods timing is not our timing. God plays on the time scale of eternity, while we think of things in a 24 hour, 7 days a week scheme. Thankfully our Heavenly Father sees the greater picture and loves us enough to let us learn! So there are many things that I'm sure God would love to swoop in and stop, but He can't. Even when Christ was on the cross, God had to let that happen. So the things that we go through are for our benefit! I am greatful for a loving father who takes the time to help us gain an eternal perspective as we have to patiently wait for the blessings that He's promised us.

One of those blessings God has given us this past week is an optimistic attitude! Haha honestly we had a heck of a week, but throughout it all we were super happy! Plus on Sunday night we got to teach Gavin who we met in the street display. I just love those things! He has just overcome a huge addiction, God has truly prepared him I feel. The lesson was a bit scattered, but he has such a desire to learn more that when we were already down stairs getting into the car, he thought that I had forgot to mark passage in the Book of Mormon for him to end so he came all the way down stairs to ask me what he should read! He has a pure desire to see if it really is he word of God and I can't wait to see where it goes!

I love you all! Remember to say your prayers!

Sister Miller

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