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Monday, August 3, 2015

All is well in LB...

Hey Everybody!
So its been another Nice Week here in Long Beach. This week was full of Teaching opportunities, and All I can say is the Lord continues to deliver. It's Amazing when we receive blessings from the Lord even when we're not expecting them or deserve them. One thing that I am noticing everyday is that although we are imperfect, Heavenly Father uses us to bless others and to uplift others, and although we may seem inadequate often times, we are uplifted and strengthened and refined as we serve and Love everyone the Lord puts into our path. I just want to say thank you to all that prayed for me and Elder Anderson to have more opportunities to reach out to others, because we had handfuls of them just pop up outa no where! One day out of the week it got to the point where we could go more than an hour without finding some way to bless someone else. Even if it was smiling and waving at someone. We were driving down the road one day this week and we saw this lady that looked really sad and out of it, as we were driving by we just smiled and waved and her entire person changed. She just smiled really big her eyes got real wide and she waved back as we drove by. Now that wasn't anything too big but it might have changed the direction her day was taking for the better. That's what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about, daily doing the things big and small that help other and ourselves feel the Savior's love.

This week we were able to meet with Adriana Twice. Both Lessons went really well, she has continued to read the Book of Mormon, she is praying everyday, and she came to church on Sunday. Although she is doing good she's having a hard time getting her two daughters excited about coming to church, so its just been her that last two times. Prayers would be nice. Her daughters names are Brenda and Alexa. She said she would also pray and read the scriptures to know what to do. Its moments like that that you know your being changed by the gospel and when you are living it. Simply turning to the scriptures and God for answers. She is Doing So Good! The ward is doing a pretty good job at making her feel welcome too. Adriana originally had a Baptismal date for the 8th, but she decided and we completely supported to move it to the 16th now. She still is more than happy to be baptized and knows how it will bless her and her family, but she wants to come to church a couple more time before her baptism and we still have quite a bit to teach her. So she doesn't feel rushed it will be on the 16th now. Im so Happy and just grateful to be apart of Adriana's conversion. She is an elect lady and is gonna be such a great member of the church! Keep praying for her Please!

We've also been teach another family recently. Cintia and Joel and their 4 kids. They have been taught by missionaries for a little while now and we just so happen to teach them now because they moved into our area. But we've had the chance to meet with them a few times and things are on the right track. They want to be baptized there are just some things they need to sort out before then. But they know and understand all there is to know about what we have to share because like I said they've met and been taught by missionaries for a while. We are going over to their house tonight to have family home evening with them. We are bringing with us a younger guy that just moved into the ward. His name is Filipo and he's doing an internship her in Long Beach. He is From Brasil! So Ive had a lot to talk about with him because dad served there. He's an awesome member! Cintia and Joel are Great though, they want to start paying tithing, the fasted yesterday, and they have been doing FHE on their own for a little while now. So hopefully things keep going well for them.

Things really are going Good here in the 4th Ward. I finally feel like I've gotta grip on the area, as far as building it up. We have a lot of people to teach, plenty of members to try and reactivate, and the ward members are becoming family. me and Elder Anderson are just working well with each other, we are having fun serving the Lord and want to keep it all up! I can't thank Heavenly Father enough for giving me this chance to grow, to learn, and just become a better person. Although it is hard sometimes and I miss home and all of y'all, he takes the bitter and makes it sweet. He's done that for me as I've turned to him. Well, I can't wait to continue the update next week, but until then, God Speed Loved Ones!

Love, Elder Page

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