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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Gotta love that mission life...

So This has been a crazy busy and eventful week, so I'll try and hit the highlights. But first I just want to say how nice it is to see everybody together in Utah. Mom sent me a lot of pictures and its weird to see all y'all together but its Nice. I miss you all So much its ridiculous. I was almost forgetting what it was like to have family this week, and then today rolled around and I got all of these pictures and it all came back to me. You know, I've been thinking a lot lately, and There quite a few missionaries out here that just say to forget about home and don't think about family or those you love and I think I've had enough time to realize that that's not entirely true. I strongly believe that its important to focus your physical and daily spiritual efforts on the Work of the Lord, the Work I've been called to do, but it definitely is the Love that I have for All of you that keeps me going some days. The fact that I know that I have a family and friends that Love me and want the best for me motivates me to do my very best for the Lord. So before I go off on a limb, I just want to say thank you to all that have supported me over the past year, it definitely hasn't been a cake walk, but I've been able to do my best, and I've felt closer to Heavenly Father than I probably ever have. And I just cant wait for the next year and all the growth I'll be able to undergo and the experiences I'll be able to have.

So this week itself has been a pretty good one. Me and Elder Anderson have continued to work hard and have done a lot for those that we are teaching, trying to help them progress and move closer to fully excepting the Gospel. You know sometimes after all we've done as missionaries, our investigators agency is a real pain in the rear, but I'm grateful for times when things don't always go my way because then when things do go great I'm humbled and I truly recognize the Lords Hand in His work. Adriana is still doing Good. We met twice with her this past week. We first met and went over the reading she's done from the Book of Mormon and simply asked her if she had prayed to know if it was all true. And she Simply replied, Yes. It is always a neat experience being apart of someones conversion to the Gospel and the Book of Mormon specifically. The invitation is the same for all, and the promise is as well. Read, Ponder and Pray. And its just so cool to see Adriana take those steps for herself, for her family and for Heavenly father. She has received and answer and she knows its true. So now we just have to continue to help her come to church and feel the spirit as we teach her. And We have to trust that as she acts on the messages we share with her and applies certain Gospel principles into her life the Lord will Deliver. And I know he will, because He's done it all for me, and I know he Love Adriana and wants her to be happy.

I am Happy with the work that me And Elder Anderson are getting done. I am grateful for All of the experiences that I am having with other Missionaries with investigators, with strangers on the street, and with the Lord. I just have one more thing to share and I want to ask all who are reading this to do something for me this coming week. So Yesterday, we were leaving our apartment and this little old lady was stepping out of her apartment carrying what looked like a pretty heavy trash bag. So I think with a combination of both human nature and the light of Christ working within me I offered to take the bag for her and throw it away since we were heading down to the garage anyways. What happened next was one of the Sweetest experiences I've had. It wasn't anything huge or monumental I did, but the Spirit just filled me up! It felt So good to help this woman who clearly need some help. And the look on her face was unforgettable too. I think she was both flattered and Shocked that I was offering to help her. She just kept thanking me and at that moment I was grateful to be a representative of the Savior there at that time. So I realize I want and honestly need more experiences like that that will change me little by little to become and even better person and priesthood holder. So if Yall will just pray and ask Heavenly Father to give me and Elder Anderson more experiences like that this week that would be Awesome! And pray to have some yourself too! I promise you it feels Amazing. And I cant wait to report next week on how the week went and the experiences I'll surely have.
Well, that's all I have for this week. I Just want to say that I Love You All And I'm thankful to be where I'm at, supported by the people that I'm supported by, and doing the things that I'm getting to do. Until next week, Keep Doing good, Be safe, and Don't Forget to Pray.

Elder Tory S Page

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