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Monday, June 29, 2015


I can't believe that I'm already saying this but, the transfer comes to a close tomorrow and a new one starts. The last 6 weeks have gone by faster than I can explain! To simply cut to the chase, me and Elder Henry unfortunately won't be staying together another transfer. He's gonna be going to Huntington Beach. Its always sad to be separated from a companion you grow to love, and Elder Henry is definitely a missionary I've grown to really love, care for, and understand. We weren't always perfect and we even we sometimes got into disagreements, but to truly come to know and learn how to work with someone and care for them, those things are necessary. The past 3 months with Elder Henry have been a time of real growth for me. That growth didn't always come easily but as I stretched myself and applied the Atonement, I felt the Lord helping me with the work that was before me. I feel like I'm really starting to understand the Atonement and feel it now more than I ever have. I have learned a lot in such a short amount of time, yet I still know there is so much more I need to learn.

Sometimes I feel like my progress is slow, but I've just had to trust that as I'm doing my best and serving faithfully There will be progress and it will always be in the Lords way and his timing. My new companion is going to be Elder Anderson. He's only been out for about 3 months, he actually just finished up his training with Elder Adams (My Last Companion!) So now he''l be coming here to long beach with me. Its pretty funny how that all worked out, but it did, and I'm excited. Elder Anderson's from Utah, he is one of the Goofiest, funniest missionaries I've met. But on the flip side he seems like a great missionary and a hard worker so I can't wait to see what happens over the next 6 weeks. I can tell we are going to get along and have fun together. Like I said before, it'll be sad to see Elder Henry go, but this change coming will help me grow, and become the person my Heavenly Father needs me to be now and in the future. I'm just trying my best right now to find out who that is exactly, and the principle of Faith is really meaning more to me now than it ever has before. I'm just trusting in my Savior day to day.

The last week of this transfer happened to be the best for every companionship in the District which was cool. We all worked hard and did our best and the Lord blessed us with success on all fronts. The District itself is gonna change a little bit some are staying and some are leaving but its still gonna be a blessing to be able to work closely with missionaries just like me, going through similar trials, doing the same work, trying to do their best. I'm excited to just learn from each missionary I'll be serving around. This area is still on the incline, which is always good at the start of a new transfer. Good things are happening. We're still teaching Olivia and Stephanie, they're doing well. Hopefully we can start meeting with them at least twice a week every week. They have been our main focus over the past few weeks so Hopefully we see some good in the coming weeks with them. There's a few other people right now that we are teaching working with, we are still working with the ward to reactivate a lot of the less-actives. So there's not a shortage of work here, which is Really Nice! On a side note, Cindy (the nurse that was working at the nursing home) Came to a baptism our ward had yesterday, and she really seemed to like it. The members did such a good job at making her feel welcome and helping her see that most Mormons are pretty normal. I kept looking over throughout the Baptism and I could tell that Cindy was feeling something. She just kept saying that it felt So good to be back in a church again, and that she felt at Peace. She also wanted to go to the Missionary Departure Fireside for all the Missionaries going home, and she enjoyed her time there too. Sister Garcia (a member of the ward) gave her a ride and they seemed to really get along. The firesides for missionaries are always good, the spirit is always felt, especially when President & Sister Tew speak at the end. I know this email has probably been all over the place, but I have truly had a good week. I have felt God's Love for me this week, and for those around me. Its so strong its nearly Tangible, like you can just reach out and grab it! It amazes me how close he really is to us all. I know that Im not always the best at expressing my feelings over email, and that I may not always give the most miraculous stories every week. In fact for those of you who have made it this far into the email without falling asleep, I commend you. But the things that I feel here on the Mission, the experiences Ive had, are in every way are miracles to me. Every little thing is evidence that God Lives. I cant believe how often the Lords hand is extended towards us, blessing us with opportunities to serve. I hope you all can recognize that God is mindful of you, and know that He Loves You. Thats all Ive got for this week, I'll try in the coming weeks to give more detail on the investigators that we're teaching as they start to progress and live the Gospel. Im grateful for all I have. For My Mission, for My family, for all of you that support me. Thank You. But most of all Im grateful for My Savior. Until Next week, Be safe, Have fun, and dont forget to read your scriptures, they're good for us!

Until next week
Love Elder Page

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