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Monday, June 15, 2015

Count your blessings...

What a week what a week. This past week was hard, in the sense that we
faced opposition, but that's nothing new!

I went on exchange with the YSA (Young single adult, it's an age group in our church, and they
actually have their own building here in Manchester) sisters and so it
was a nice change! It was so fun and I really feel like I learn so
much on exchanges and I find a lot of joy knowing that the work really
is the same everywhere, we just have to open our mouths and we become
useful instruments of the Lord.

I also re-found my joy in bus contacting the past week, and I am so greatful for that. We also had a
mission-wide conference about the street displays and the iPads. It
was really great considering what happened when we did a street
display in Stretford and we plan to try it again this Saturday! I am
honestly so excited and we've organized better and I just feel like
the Lord is really preparing us for it this time!

Also just a few updates on the people I've told y'all about:
Peter and John, they really have become dear friends and we're getting
somewhere! I sincerely feel that they really do want to know, they
just have a lot of questions. I think I enjoy teaching them because I
feel like I really have to understand where they're coming from as
well to best help them. Peter is also praying sometimes and is
actually even beginning to believe in a God! So exciting!

Then there's Vicky, she's doing wonderful as well. She has yet to come
to church, but we're still holding onto hope. She is now a good 100+
pages into the Book of Mormon and really wants to understand it. We
also were able to get her a book of Mormon story book (like a more
simple overview with pictures) to guide her through it.

Also there's Kichau, now he's someone me and sister Dunn met, but
never heard from him again. But miraculously we got into contact with
him and we've met with him twice. He is so sincere and even has many
Psalms memorized. He really enjoys reading from the Book of Mormon and
we're hoping that he'll become more involved with the YSA here in Manchester.

With the many people we're teaching, it brings me hope. Sometimes it's
so easy to forget the many blessings that God has already given us. I
know that God does love His children and He has prepared a way for all
of them to come back to them. Some peoples routes may be a bit more
messy or long, but eventually, we can all make it there.

Also we had a massive heat wave (we could wear just a short sleeved
shirt!) for a big part of the week, and then we got struck with a cold
snap! You never know do ya? I'm just greatful for all that I have. I really and truly am.

Love you all! Stay safe!

Sister Miller xx

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