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Monday, June 15, 2015

I Feel Fine...

Hey Every Body!

I can't believe I'm already emailing again for the past week. The time is just flying by it's Crazy! I'm happy to say that the Bronchitis is gone. I'm still feeling the after effects of it I think, but for the most part, it's All gone! Which has been great because I was excited to just get out and work this week after being sick all last week.

Lately we've been working a lot with the less actives of this ward. There's a lot on and off the ward list and we've been working with the leadership of the ward to reach out and help those that have gone less active. As a missionary our main focus is obviously finding and teaching people who don't have the gospel in their lives, but after having the chance to really work with people who have lost their way has been a blessing, and it's been humbling. I've been able to build some good relationships with a lot of these people, and many of them are doing better and are beginning to feel the spirit an a greater abundance because of the choices they are making and the efforts we're making to help them out.'

Also this week, me and elder Henry have had many opportunities to find new people to teach. Lately the whole mission has been focusing a lot on the use of the Book of Mormon in our finding and teaching situations, and its been really interesting to see the change that its brought. For all those who we've talked to or have been teaching the Book of Mormon and the Savior have been our main focus, and already my testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown so much! People just open up to us, their hearts are softened and they are able to feel the spirit as we simply explain what the Book of Mormon is and how it can help them. Preaching the Gospel, isn't always easy, but its always worth it. For the benefit of yourself, and of course for those you are sharing it with. It just feels good to talk to someone about the Gospel and see them open up and change right there in front of you. It doesn't always happen, but the times it does are really special.

I am really enjoying myself, me and Elder Henry are having fun still and getting closer each day. Its hard sometimes, but we are relying on the Lord, on each other and the missionaries around us for strength, support and peace. "His arm of Mercy is extended All the day Long." I Love Yall So Much! I'm Missing all of you more than you know, but things are well for me. I'm happy, I feel like I'm growing and becoming a better person. I know that God Loves us. It's as simple as that. Keep the Faith Everybody. Pray often. Love one another.

Love, Elder Page

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