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Monday, June 29, 2015

Here comes the sun...

So my title to my email is literal (the sun has shone a few days this
past week) and fits in with the story I want to share with y'all.

First, I honestly have loved this past week and I really made sure
to prepare myself mentally and spiritually for this new transfer and I
can see how it has helped me. I took the time on Monday and Tuesday to
evaluate myself whilst in prayer to see what I could do to improve as
a missionary and I felt many things come into my mind that I can do
better, and since then I've been earnestly praying for help to do
them, and I've felt like I've been helped! Actually I know I've been
helped. God really does want to help us and He honestly does care.
This last week I've felt refreshed as well! Right away me and sister
black (she's a runner and when we run in the morning, we RUN! It's
quite nice) established an open communication and we've just become
the best of friends! She is so wonderful to work with and I know that
as we do this work TOGETHER and with THE SPIRIT that we cannot go
wrong. Right off the bat during weekly planning (we have a 3 hour long
planning session once a week to organize our area and plan for the
people that we'll be seeing the next week) we made a game plan as to
what we were going to do in order to progress this area, and
immediately both of our minds went to fasting, I haven't had a super
powerful experience of fasting on my mission, and neither has she, so
we put it to the test. (Fasting is something we do by going without
food and drink for 24 hours to show that were willing to sacrifice in
order to receive divine help) We then went to work! I have seen God
place people in our path countless times. I have felt led. I have felt
close to Him. I honestly feel like I'm learning who God is and how He
works. The biggest thing I learned this week was to just be ourselves
and open our mouths. Yes, even when it's awkward or people are
staring, none of that matters when it comes to the salvation of souls!
The worth of every soul is great in the eyes of the Lord. Anyways, on
Saturday we were stuck with this table from our street display from
last week that we needed to bring back to our chapel, so we made our
way to do that. I was at the front with the table and my companion
just started talking to the man next to her. He then brought up how it
was sunny and then sang "here comes the sun" and he was just so
friendly! On the short bus ride she was able to share a brief
restoration message and a Book of Mormon with Tayo. He even asked if
we could meet with him right then but we were already running late for
something. So we get off the bus and then wrist talked about what
happened, and both of us realized that we should meet with him ASAP!
So we called him and he said that he could meet back with us in about
an hour. When we met with him it felt so normal and we were Able to
share the restoration with him. He loved it and me and sister black
taught in such unity it felt like we'd been companions for months!
Then we remembered that there was a baptism in our zone so we invited
him. He said that he would love to, so we hopped on a bus with him,
and he LOVED the baptism and now we're meeting with him again on
Wednesday. I know that there are people who are prepared and I know
that if we're faithful, God will trust us with them. Side note, when we
got to the baptism the opening hymn was "count your blessings" and I
could not stop smiling.

I love this work. I love my area. I love my companion! I cannot wait
to see what comes next.

Love you all!
Sister Miller

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