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Monday, June 1, 2015

Just follow the spirit...

(Got a new car)

So this past week has been a long one for me, but not to say it dragged, cause it didn't. I think we were caught up in a lot of good things that's why it made the week seem longer. First in foremost, I was really sad to hear about Elder Perry the other day, he was actually my first favorite apostle. I always loved him because of his name I think, and his voice too. He always got my attention during general conference. He is onto more good things now though. The plan of Salvation is just being carried out, its carried out by every single one of us, everyday.

This week though was a really good one. I have a few specific experiences I want to share. First one, Christy has a baptismal date for June 25th! We taught her early last week all about the spirit and how she's able to know what god wants for her by the way she feels, and the thoughts she has. So it was towards the end of the lesson and we extended the invitation to be baptized and there was quite a long moment of silence, just Christy thinking and pondering. Until I just suddenly had the thought to ask her what her heart was telling her, and she hated to admit it, but she just started crying and said, her heart was telling her yes. At that moment I just knew the spirit had taken full control over the lesson and we were simply instruments in the lords hands. We've visited Christy a few times since that meeting and she is a little hesitant because of family issues, and just questions, but every time we go back to the feelings that shes had she knows that its the right thing to do and its what god wants, so hopefully as we keep meeting with her and helping her she'll be able to make her date of the 25th!

Another experience I had this week was one that had a very anticlimactic ending but looking back it meant a lot to me and I know it meant a lot to the Lord. Me and Elder Henry were going by this investigator we have, her name is Kelley, and it wasnt anything set but we wanted to go by. So as we parked and got out of the car there was this woman across the street getting some groceries out of her trunk and she was a little ways away, but I just kept getting the feeling that we should go talk to her, help her, do something. And for some crazy reason I'm sad to say I just kinda brushed it off and kept walking towards Kelley's house because we parked right next to it. And as we got to Kelley's home and even when we were knocking on her door I just kept having the same feeling and thought to just go and talk to that lady! Luckily Kelley wasn't home so we told the people there that we would stop by another time, and I just told Elder Henry about the lady I felt like we should talk to and he was just like she's probably inside her house by now. And I thought I blew it! But we ran back to where she was anyways in hope of catching her, and we actually managed to run right into her. I started talking to her sure that she would be interested and say that she was hoping someone would stop her and talk to her about God, or something Awesome like that, but what came next was a little surprise. She was a really nice lady and she was good to us, but ultimately she said she really didn't want to talk and wasn't interested. We kindly said bye and we started back for the car. As we were walking away I just felt one of the best feelings I've ever felt before. It overtook me! It was awesome, I wish I could describe it, but basically I knew at that moment that that spiritual prompting wasn't for the woman I reached out to, it was just for me. I feel like the Lord was testing me, giving me a chance to act on a prompting, and it felt so good at the end of the day that I acted on it. And also to earn the Lords trust, in that anytime he needs me to do something I will be ready to just do it!

I hope this little story is as cool for yall as it was for me. I guess the moral of this email is to just always follow the spirit. If you've felt it before its undeniable. It cant be mistook for anything else. And if you wonder if its your own thought, then act on that thought anyway and I know the Holy Ghost will put into your heart a strong feeling that will confirm that it was from God. I Love the Spirit! I know I wouldn't be able to do a thing as a missionary without it. I'm glad Heavenly Father Loves us enough to send a comforter to us, a constant companion, his Spirit.

I Love you all! I hope this email brightened someones day. I'll keep yall in my prayers and in my thoughts throughout the week. Keep things going well! I cant wait to email next week, but until then, Godspeed!

(This is A whole 3 generations of Missionaries. From Left to right Elder Roth, Elder Hewett, Elder Blasko, and Me)

Love, Elder Page

(This is Keith, he's one of our buddies from the Old people's home here in our area. Normally we just come in to spend time with the residents, but the nurse here (Cindy) has actually started talking to us about the gospel. She just said she really needs more direction and purpose in her life and after we gave her a Book of Mormon, she admitted she had already been reading from Keith's at night when she would bring him his medicine. It was a cool unplanned opportunity to share the gospel. Hopefully things keep going well :) She's really Cool)

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