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Monday, June 1, 2015

We live and learn...

I just have to tell you, this past week was good. I just cannot complain! Our key indicators were normal, some of our investigators are still stuck on the same stumbling block, but you know what? I was just happy. I just felt satisfied enough to be doing the best I could every day. We also had interviews this week, and I just had the most edifying chat with President Ulrich. I am so greatful for wonderful people in my life! We should also be getting IPads tomorrow. We won't have facebook or things like that for some time, but we'll be using email, all of the LDS apps, and we'll especially be focusing of family history! It's super exciting!

Again I've really been trying to apply Alma 26:22, and it's been hard. Praying continually is crazy hard! Trying to purify our hearts is one thing, but to purely have thoughts like the Savior running through my head is another! My mind is in 500 places at once. I've been trying to focus, and then refocus and you know what? We saw miracles! This woman, Maureen, we planned to go and teach her whole family, and turns out they forgot the appointment time. So we stayed in the area and went back about an hour and a half later. When we went, the children were busy, so we only were going to teach Maureen, which at first I was really disappointed by. But we pushed on, and we had planned to teach the restoration, but as soon as I sat down I knew we wouldn't be teaching that. We opened with prayer and then we just followed the spirit. Maureen was able to really open up to us and tell us her real concerns, which she had never shared with any missionaries or church members previously. The visit was probably one of the most spirit driven visits I had ever had. In Alma 26:22 it promises us that if we exercise faith, repent, do good works, and pray continually, then things which have never been revealed will be shown to us. I really felt God fulfil His promise this week. I know that He does so every week, but sometimes I think He does it in a way that we can't miss just to remind us that He is there. Something I'm also so greatful for is a companion that listens to the still small voice! Sister Andersen really is the definition of meek and humble, and I learn from her every day. I love that as we continue to teach with one another, that we become more powerful and I really feel that the Holy Ghost is present even more.

We also had the privilege to be the testers for the sign display in Manchester! This is the new idea of finding in our mission where we set up like a table, with pictures, loads of copies of the Book of Mormon and street contact! Then we invite them to come back to the table and go from there. It has worked SO well in areas like Liverpool and Chorley, so it was supposed to be really great in Manchester since this is the most populated area in the mission. We had our Assitants to the President, our Zone Leaders, and the Stretford Elders and us. We were going to set up in Hulme, but when we got there is was dead, so we moved camp to Urmston. We set up right in the middle, which turns out to be private property. We lasted for 15 minutes tops, and then security came! I have to tell ya, it was so unexpected, BUT we learned.We won't always get these things right the first time around, and I think God wanted us to learn to be even MORE humble and MORE submissive. I love that every day I'm learning. Plus it was quite funny after the fact! I just love my mission, it's never dull and I honestly LOVE the people here.

Thank you for all the prayers and love, I find so much strength in them. Love you ALL!

Sister Miller

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