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Monday, July 6, 2015

We live after the manner of happiness...

It's been wonderfully sunny but also hot(I've gotten too used to cool
weather) so we moved our mattresses downstairs and sleep with ice
packs! Haha luckily it's cooled down some, but we even had two thunder
storms! So nice.

Sister Black was sick this week s we stayed in about 2 days, but we
had fun still and I just love her! I really know that this
companionship is indeed inspired! I also love how much we teach in
unity and I really do believe that God is just blessing us. I have a
firm testimony that this gospel is happiness! Honestly, it's like the
Nephites who had a million things going against them but they still
"lived after the manner of happiness". I know that being a follower of
Christ can bring us deep happiness because it is a joy that isn't
passing, but is eternal! I know this week when I felt down all I had
to do was just share the gospel with someone and my spirits were right
back up! I just know that God is our loving Father in Heaven and if we
keep the commandments and desire to do good, than he will grant us our
righteous desires! Sorry for all of the exclamation marks, I'm just
excited! Haha

This week we saw Tayo again! He is amazing. We met with him and shared
the plan of salvation (it's a lesson we teach about where we came
from, our purpose on this earth, and where we go after this life)(or
happiness!) and he loved it. I think he can feel that there is light
in this message we share, and that light comes from the spirit. He was
very set though on just meeting with us to learn and said he had no
real intentions to join the church. By Gods grace by the end of the
lesson he is now praying between two dates to be baptized. To be
honest, I'm so worried! But I do know that perfect love casts out all
fear, and that I have nothing to fear.

Also I have come to realize that I love serving! I love love love to
serve others. When sister black was sick I was more than happy to take
care of her, and then throughout the week I realized that I was
happiest when I was putting others ahead of myself. I think that's one
key to this work that I've discovered, it's all about putting the
needs of others ahead of ourselves. I know that's when I've learned
the most patience, or humility, or whatever Christ-like attribute I
needed to learn.

I feel like so much happens every week that I have the hardest time
telling y'all, sorry about that! Oh also on the fourth there was a
stake activity(a stake is multiple churches I the area that meet
together) and it was so nice to get closer to the members here.
Manchester stake is wonderful! They even involved the missionaries in
a few activities, including a watermelon eating contest! Haha we went
against two bishops and the kids were allowed to help us sisters, but
we still didn't win! Anyways, have a wonderful week I love you all!

Sister Miller

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