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Monday, June 22, 2015

A week of Hard Work...

Man oh Man,
Where do I even begin. This past week has been pretty busy, a lot of great things happening, and a lot of awesome opportunities are being provided to serve. To start off, I wanna tell y'all about the Sweet service project our entire zone has been involved in over the past week. There's a family, The Copeland's, and their not members of the church, but they are one of the nicest families I've met on my mission. They have member friends and the dad, Greg went on a father son camp out with his member friend and his son. While they were on this camp out the member told Greg about the service us missionaries can do, and so Greg and his wife called us up and asked if we could help. What they're doing is remodeling their home. They are removing a section and adding onto it to make more room, because they are gonna turn their house into a place where kids out of foster homes trying to get through college but don't have a place to live can come and stay. Its awesome what they're doing. They have 4 young kids of they're own ,but its amazing to see them do something like this for people that need the help. And its been a really cool experience getting to help them with the work that's needed to be done. So far we have done some demolition, we've destroyed and rebuilt a foundation, we've dug and dug searching for pipelines to relocate, we've gotten to sand and repaint parts of the home, and a lot of other jobs they've set up for us. A lot of our time this week has been used serving the Copeland family which has been different from regular missionary work, but its been a spiritual experience giving ourselves to serve this family we just met, so that they can go and further help others. Its one big circle of service. Simply serving those around us can often be the best way to share the gospel and set an example for the people around us.

As far as missionary work itself has gone, this week has been pretty good. Me and Elder Henry have been on two different exchanges this week, one with the Zone Leaders and another with Elder Horvath and Mathews (members of our district). Both exchanges were huge learning experiences. Its always good to be taken out of your comfort zone a little while on exchanges, and theyre always weird at first but I cant say Ive ever been on an exchange where the Lord didn't teach me something I needed to learn, or where I didn't feel closer to the missionary I was with. Exchanges are just good experiences. So it was weird not being with Elder Henry as much this week, but regardless, we still got to do some good work with those we are working with. I think I mentioned them last week, but this week we were able to meet with and teach Olivia and Stephanie (Sisters - ages 20 and 15). They are doing so great! Just last night we went over to their home to see them and it was a really good time. We talked all about Gods Love, and just focused on that and how the spirit feels. Both Stephanie and Olivia have felt the spirit when we've been over. They told us that they feel good when we are there talking with them, that they feel relief from the things that normally burden them throughout the day, and overall they just feel peace. We really helped them see that that has all been the spirit, and that the spirit is one of the ways god is able to show his love for us. They both feel good about the things we've shared with them, they both committed to start reading the Book of Mormon together, and so we are going to go back later this week and see how its gone for them. Olivia especially though, being the older one, is really considering joining the church, she told their mom that she feels that the messages we've shared and the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith is just all right. She wants to get an answer from god as she reads and thinks about what she's learned and felt, but its just cool to see just how fast someone that's prepared can accept the Gospel. Their Mom has kinda been shy with us and even a little against us visiting, but we brought a member over this week and that seemed to loosen her up and just last night when we went over she said the closing prayer for us! Olivia and Stephanie were really happy about that, and we were too. The spirit is definitely softening her heart. Miracles are happening, The Lord is doin' Work! And its such a blessing to be an instrument in his hands each and everyday for any and every type of service he needs.

One last thing, The other Elders in the ward with us, had something crazy happen. A woman in her 30's named grace walked into church a few weeks ago, and has loved coming ever since. She is from Turkey and doesn't speak a whole lot of English, but has just absorbed everything. They are teaching her because she lives in their side of the Ward. She read the Book of Mormon in Turkish over 24 hours! She is a brilliant Lady! Its amazing! She is going to be baptized next Sunday! I'll have the chance to interview her for baptism which will be a neat experience. But once again, The Lord is Hastening his work. I have no doubt about it. When the apostles and the Prophet say that its happening, they aren't joking around. I know God is Real, I know He Does Love us. I Love Serving him, and my brothers and sisters. I Love You all, and everything you do and have done for me. Sorry if this was an overload of info, I just had a lot to say for this week. Until next time, Godspeed Everybody!

Love, Elder Page

P.S. Sorry there's barely any pictures. I didn't even think to take pictures this week until this morning, So here are a few of me and Elder Henry doing our weekly Shopping at Wal-Mart, Enjoy! :)

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