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Monday, June 22, 2015

Round 3 in Strefford...

Well hello!
We've had such an interesting week of weather, I keep
waiting for summer but I can't even tell if spring came! Haha I think
the weather is one of my favorite things about England. Also we came
to the end of another transfer, it goes too fast! I'll be staying in
Stretford and sister black, from Utah, will be coming here! We'll be
co-senior companions, so basically we're going to work super hard this
transfer and I'm so exciting! As for Sister Andersen, she'll be going
to Rossendale Valley to serve with sister Dunn! It's funny how
Heavenly Father has things work out. I think sometimes I let my
weaknesses drag me down, but something I've come to be grateful for is
the fresh start of a new transfer and how exciting it is that I get to
set new goals! One of my biggest goals for this transfer is to be a
better teacher and to rely on the spirit more. I feel that is
something that will help me in discerning my investigators needs. I
also want to continue to put my companion first, I've really seen the
importance of that this past transfer and I just loved it. I let as I
came to love my companion faster than I ever had before!

Today I'd like to bear my testimony on bus contacting! I have
absolutely come to love bus contacting this week! We didn't find any
one new to teach but I just have loved getting on a bus and look so
forward to the conversation I'll have. I don't know why, but bus
contacting has been my least favorite way to talk to people, I just
feel so intrusive and awkward! But this week the Lord showed me what
an effective use of time it is. We were on our way to an appointment
and then this man just starts talking to me and tells me his life
story and how he's an ex-Mormon. He was kind, and this woman in the
corner kept watching us as we talked. Eventually the man got off, but
the girl was still there. I really felt as though I should speak with
her but didn't know how! Then this man came on the bus and sat across
from Sister Andersen and he shot her a weird look! I couldn't help but
laugh and then I noticed this woman was laughing too! So then I made
small talk, and then she told me she was deaf! So I went to sit next
to her and we had such a lovely conversation about the savior and I
really got to know her. She couldn't speak, so she would use her hands
and sometimes type for me to understand. Then we eventually got off
and we parted with a hug. I just felt so joyful! Things like this
happened multiple times throughout the week and I can just see people
wanting the light of Christ more in their life.

And another thing I'm grateful for is the sacrament (the bread and
water symbolic of Christ's body and blood that He shed for us that
allows us to change for the better every week). Yesterday I had a
stinkin stomach bug! I'm tired of being ill. But anyways we had to
stay in and miss church. But thankfully our ward mission leader and
the elders in our area came round and brought us the sacrament. There
is something so sacred about being able to remember the Saviour every
week by partaking of emblems that are symbolic of him. I just was so
grateful to be able to take them and for me it made my day regardless
of how I was feeling.

Also I'm sad to have to say goodbye to sister Andersen, I just love
her to bits! It has been a great joy to serve with her for seven
weeks. I have learned so much from her and I will always remember her
for how kind she is! She is probably one of the most kind and sincere
person I've ever met. I'm also grateful for another transfer here in
Stretford, I felt as though my work wasn't done here and I guess I was
right! I still need to find the one, or hopefully ones in need of the
gospel with sister black!
Hopefully you all don't melt with the weather back home, feel free to
send some out way.

Love sister Miller

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