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Monday, March 2, 2015

Always say your prayers...

It is today, two years ago, that I was baptized as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have been so happy ever since! I even find more joy knowing that I'm helping other people to find this much peace and joy that I have been given! Every day I am so greatful for the watchful eye that Heavenly Father has over each and every single one of us. If you doubt that, please pray, and I promise you that you will feel that love from Him that I feel.

I learned this week and gained a firmer testimony of prayer. This whole week, I was praying all the time! I know for some people, that may just be natural, but for me it isn't. We had many occasions this week to teach families and investigators, and sometimes the spirit wasn't there! But then I would pray, and the spirit would immediately come! It's amazing how righteous prayers will be answered. Also yesterday in between a tea appointment and the fireside, we had about an hour of travel time and street contacting, and I was determined to teach with Sister Hall! So you know what? I prayed. I pleaded to Heavenly Father to guide us to someone who needed the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As we were walking, we were passing a park and I had the subtle thought " we should go in there!" but then I reasoned and thought "no, it's just longer, and we need to get to our lift" but then I remembered a talk by David A. Bednar, that if it's a good thought, it's the spirit. So I asked Sister Hall if we could turn back around, and walk through the park. As we walked through people kept saying no, but as we got closer to the exit there was this lovely family of three, and we shared with them the message of the Restoration. They absolutely loved it and said that they would read the Book of Mormon! I was so greatful for prayer and the promptings of the Hold Ghost. Also Rob is still doing well! This week we had tea at a members home, and they invited Rob too! So Rob asked us if the family had a dog, and we said yes (he planned to buy the dog some food as a gift for having him over before he went to their home). We told him to meet us there at 6, so we were waiting for him outside at like 5:50. Come 6:05 we get a phone call from him telling us that his taxi went to Formby (30 minutes away) and he asked if it was ok for him to call it off? I immediately started to pray that all would work out. As he kept talking he said "oh wait, there's a taxi! I'll see you in a few minutes." So he came and it was great! Then at the end he asked the family what kind of dog food does their dog food like? Then they said "funnily enough, he's allergic to dog food, he eats proper fruits and veg!". Immediately, we all recognized that it was a miracle that his taxi came late so that he didn't buy dog food that would go to waste. It is amazing how Heavenly Father has everything work out. It never fails. God is perfect. And I love that we can communicate to a perfect Father who loves us perfectly, and day and time.

I love you all very much! Thank you for all of your prayers!

Love, Sister Miller

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