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Monday, March 16, 2015

Mosiah 2:17...

Hey Everybody!!!

It's been a busy week, full of good stuff. I realize that's kind of a generic way to start an email, but let me get into it. This week, I think me and Elder Adams are getting along better than we ever have. Not that we never got along but over the past few weeks it has just gotten better and better, and this week was just enjoyable. We are dang good friends and we are finding so much joy and excitement in the work! Not saying that our area is anything special or near perfect, but whatever we've done, we have simply loved doing it. We have still been teaching a lot of people, and the best part is is that members are doing so well to help us teach and fellowship these people. The ward here is really finding a special place in my heart, which means I'm probably gonna be leaving next transfer. But, while I'm here I'm gonna live it up and enjoy every minute of it!

This week, us and the other elders that share the ward have gone around to the Convalescent homes in the area and just offered to help in any way. Most of that service is just talking to the residents and getting to know them, so that's what we've been able to do. It's the funnest thing! I love these old people. I just want to thank mom real quick for always setting the example when it came to talking to people and being genuine with them no matter how old. It's reminding me of the place paw paw Jack stays in, it makes me miss him a little bit. But it's just been a really neat opportunity to just go around to these places and show kindness and love towards these people we don't really know. We're lucky cause one of the places is owned by a member so we're gonna get to go a couple times a week and help out! I Like it.

There's a lot I could say about the people we're meeting with, so I'll just go with one experience that was really special. So I told y'all about the part member family we're working with, with the husband who's the member and the wife who's not and they just had a baby. Well, we invited them to our ward on sunday and it happened to be ward conference so it was such a good sacrament meeting on top of the goodness of church on a regular basis. We were standing by the chapel doors waiting and waiting, and the opening hymn had started and they still weren't there. We were starting to wonder if they were gonna make it, and right when we were about to go sit down, we see them walk through the church doors and start heading our way. They looked so happy, and their baby was looking pretty cute. But it was just the coolest thing to see this young family making the choice to come to church and I just felt the spirit and felt so happy for them to know that by coming to church they came closer to the savior and heavenly father and to each other too. It reminded me that its never too late, and you never know when someone will make the choice to change. After a really long time, the member and father of this family made it back. I hope I made it seem as cool for y'all as it was for me. We plan to go by tomorrow and have another little family home evening with them. They are such a nice family and it's a huge blessing to be able to help them feel the spirit and make changes in their lives for the better.

I'll be sure to update you guys on them next week, and I'll be sure to mention some of the others we are helping and working with right now. But that's all the time I have today! I Love this work! I love being able to become something more and someone better than I was the day before, its Awesome!

Thank you so Much for Everything y'all do for me. Even if its just a daily prayer, it all helps. I love y'all! I cant wait to email next week, hopefully with more good news! Godspeed!!!

Love, Elder Page

P.S. Our ward had a talent show this past saturday and there wasn't too many people signed up to perform so to do the ward a favor and to obviously have some fun, I got a member to play with me in it last minute. We met about a half hour before it started and ran through a few songs. We ended up playing 'here comes the sun' by the beatles. It was pretty cool and the ward liked it. I wasnt able to get video of it, but I hope the pictures are enough. Anyway, thought Id let y'all know about that.

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