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Monday, March 16, 2015

Try and try again...

So this last week has been one for the records, and I am very greatful for it. But the most exciting things are that a whole bunch of missionaries from our zone all went to St. Helens to go finding (a Blitz) and it was so great! We went on exchanges (we swapped companions) with the Chinese sisters, and it was nice because Sister Hall just is SO good! I just love her because she is an amazing missionary, and can adapt to anything! Me and Sister Li prayed about a specific street to go to and felt prompted to go up and left! we started to knock doors, and nope, no, and noooo way! Haha but we kept trying. By the very last door (like it usually is) this 23 year old girl answered, and just opened her heart. She let us in and it was such a humbling moment when someone trusts you so very much. We were able to teach her and bring her comfort, and missionaries in St. Helens will be seeing her again. I love that no matter where we go, we are the Lords hands. We can't be in the wrong place (well unless we're being disobedient) because the Lord will always place someone in our path. The other amazing thing(s) was that Rob and Renata came to church!!! Both. On the same day. Wow. Renata told us Saturday that she would be coming, and that poor girl faced so much opposition, including getting locked out of her flat the night before! We had actually just finished blitzing St.Helens when she called and she was so distraught. So we did what we could do, and we invited her to pray. She was so shocked! Pray now? When everything is wrong? But we went in the hallway, put the phone on speaker, and knelt with her as she prayed in Chezck. I felt the spirit so deeply and I knew she was pleading with the Lord. She was calmer and at peace after she had prayed, and of course, like it always does, things worked out.

Rob was another shock, because Saturday night he told us that he wouldn't be coming, and that he'll see us next week. Me and sister hall expected this. Then the next morning both of us just knew that Rob was coming to church (but we didn't mention it to each other) then at the very end of personal study we get a text from Rob letting us know that he'd be at the chapel by 10! We were SO excited and both of us just appreciated the spirit and that it put both of our minds at rest with Rob. Heavenly Father answers sincere and honest prayers, He hears us and is very aware of us. I feel so much love from Him everyday and I'm so humbled that He trusts me, to do this work in South Port with Sister Hall. I just love it.

Always say your prayers,

Sister Miller

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