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Monday, March 30, 2015

It's Spring?...

Well supposedly, it's spring time! I highly disagree with the weather, but you know, I'm greatful that it has been more sunny and I no longer have to wear gloves every day!

So I want to talk about two different types of missionary work today, member work and nonmember work.

First, nonmember; Rob is progressing! It may not be as fast and smooth as I would like, but he's countenance is happier and he's reading and praying consistently! Renata is also doing well! Yesterday we had a lesson where we kind of laid it all out on the table (with the help of Hana, who translated into Czech for us). We tried to help her see the importance of doing certain things in this life (like having a faith in Christ, repenting, baptism, receiving the holy ghost, and enduring to the end) and we then invited her to baptism. Shockingly she said YES! But just not on April 25th. She is progressing and it is SO exciting. As for Justyna, we're seeing her tomorrow and she is as equally excited as we are.

Second, member; I just want to brag about South Port ward for a minute. I absolutely LOVE this ward. I love every single member and they have always made me feel at home and comfortable. They are all so great when we bring people to church, and every single person has a kind heart. This week, well, it was hard. But on Thursday morning I woke up and thought we should maybe visit an Elderly woman who we don't typically visit, but I knew we didn't have time, so I brushed it off. Then later on that day, things just kept falling through (I wonder why...) so I told Sister Hall about the impression I received and we decided to visit her. Turns out that she had a horrible week, and was close to the breaking point. She just was able to tell us all about it and then we were able to have the Elders come and give her a blessing. She later bore her testimony at church yesterday and said that in the morning on the day we visited her, she pleaded with Heavenly Father for help. She said that she didn't expect much, but instead ended up having four missionaries brighten her day.

I really do feel as though I'm learning something new every single day, and I am SO grateful for that! I am grateful to be in the service of my fellow beings, because this really is the most fulfilling thing I have ever done. I never feel empty! I swear, there's always at least a drop of joy in every minute! I'm sorry if I'm so cheesy, but this is just how happy I am, even if this work is hard!

I love you all, and I hope you remember to say your prayers :)

Sister Miller

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