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Monday, February 23, 2015

Jacob 3:1 & 2...

Man Oh Man where do I begin with this past week?! This past week was the last week of the transfer and so me and Elder Adams were gonna do everything in our power to meet the goals we set and just do the best we could, and Looking back on the week there were areas that we could have done better in but overall we were both really happy about the work that we were able to get done. The last 6 weeks have flown by its unreal! Its been a great transfer, a lot of stretching and growing, which is always good. The news is that me and Elder Adams will be staying together another 6 weeks! Which means that at the end of this next one not only will I have been in Cypress for 6 months I will have been out on the mission for almost 9 Months! I don't know about y'all, but this is all just going by way too fast.

So let me talk about the past week. First of All I love this ward, area and the members here, it really dawned on me this past week how much I really love these people. The members here this past week have been so ready and willing to help us out any way they can, its so great! We really wouldn't be able to see the success we're are seeing without them. Yesterday at church surprisingly everyone we invited came! It was literally a Miracle, we walked into gospel principles and it was fuller than its ever been. We were Smiling So big the whole day, we probably looked like fools, but we were happy ones. A part member family we've started to work with came to church. The story behind them is that the mom of the family hasnt been to church in a while and we had thought to put her in our nightly plans, not knowing what to expect. So when we went by we had a member with us and she answered the door, she immediately started to break down. She was happy to see us but crying at the same time. She said that God was knocking at her door. She wanted a blessing and her home wasn't very convenient so we went to the church and just talked to her for a while. She really wants to come back to church, she loves her family and wants the very best for them and wants her husband and their recently 8 year old son to have the gospel too. We were able to give her a blessing of strength and comfort and it was just a really spiritual experience. And the next day not only she, but her husband and their son were at church!!!! Its was So Awesome to have them there. The dad participated a lot in class and they loved being there and plan to start coming every week, and we plan on going over tonight to teach them. The Lord works in ways that are best for each and every one of his sheep, and he knows which sheep need to be found. And its so humbling and such a blessing to be a part of this work.

There are so many other good things that happened this week, but just for lack of time I'm gonna have to cut back. So I'll just tell yall about Mike and how he is doing. We went over to his house last night with a member and we read out of the Book of Mormon with him. We read out of 2 Nephi 29 which was the chapter he was currently on. It was a really simple thing to do but the spirit was definitely there. I usually describe the spirit as strong but it was more than that it was a soothing, peaceful, uniting spirit. Mike is doing so good though, he is progressing although slower than most he is still reading the Book of Mormon, watching Mormon Messages in his freetime, and he said something that really changed things last night. We gave him a talk last week about praying and receiving revelation and he really enjoyed it, he said, "I've been praying all my life only thanking god for what I have and not wanting to ask for things, but maybe I should start to ask for things... maybe I SHOULD be praying to know what path God wants me to take." It was Soo Amazing to hear him say that! It's been a process with Mike, but it has been so fun and a time of learning to be able to work with him, share with him, and become friends with him.

Well, that's all the time I have, but I just want all of you to know how much I love you. That I really do miss you, but seeing the good y'all are doing and the ways that you're being blessed makes it okay to go through this time apart. Thanks for always thinking of me and supporting me. The Lord is watching over us. I cant wait to tell all about the coming week, until then, Godspeed!

Love, Elder Page

P.S. I was at the Missionary departure fireside they do every time missionaries go home and a missionary I served with in Long beach came up to me and asked me if I had a brother named Dallin and I said yes, and he said he met Lisa Bells daughter and she told him and his companion all about Elder Page (Dallin). I thought that was pretty cool. Such a small world.

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