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Monday, March 30, 2015

Matthew 28:6...

Hey Y'all!

So this has been a super fast week its unreal! I can't believe conference is This Week! I'm overly excited about conference, especially being Easter weekend. But really, anyone in the family can testify that conference was always a struggle for me. Some sessions I would be awake and alert and others I would be passed out on the floor. Luckily on a mission you only have option one. But Honestly I am just ready and excited! As a missionary conference is so much better for some reason, hopefully I keep this kind of excitement going even after I get home.

I want to go ahead and say how much I love the Easter Initiative the church is going hard on. The Christmas one was So Good and this one is just as good if not better cause we can use this year round really. The website, the video, the cards we're getting to hand out to people are so good and so effective. Me an Elder Adams made a commitment this past week to do something different in order to feel a positive change and a sense of growth for ourselves, as a companionship and our area too. And as we've consciously done things to be better we have just felt so much happier, we are working harder, we are finding and teaching so many more people, and this "Because He Lives" Initiative has just helped us out so much. People are so willing to just stop and talk about Christ it seems this time of year. And everybody got time to watch a 2 minute video! It's been great!

I just want to tell you guys about one Investigator in particular, his name is Kirk. We passed by him on the street about a week or so ago and we talked to him. He is the nicest guy I might have ever met. He was so open with us. He has a pretty bad stuttering problem, so sometimes it's hard for him to get his words out, but it doesn't stop him. It has helped me and Elder Adams teach simply, be patient, and just let the Holy Ghost take the reigns in lessons. We've met with him 3 times. Once being a church tour. He is just really in tune with the spirit and excepting of the gospel. We've asked him a couple of times during lessons to pray right then and there to find out for example if Joseph Smith is a prophet of God or if that the Book of Mormon is true. And both times he has been really sincere and real with his prayers and he has received an answer both times! We invited him to be baptized on May 3rd during the first lesson and surprisingly he wasn't shocked. All he said is that he would have to pray about it. So Kirk is a really awesome person, he has a lot of faith, he is kind and definitely prepared to accept the gospel. He should be going to general conference and tonight we are going over to his home to teach him, hopefully it will be another spiritual experience.

I Know I've said it before, but it really is cool to see the gospel change people, people that may not have even gone to church in there lives before, changing, coming closer to the Savior. And I've definitely felt some of that change over the past 9 months, and in the last week even. I know this is all true, I know that the tomb is empty and that Christ is Risen! He Lives! I Love You All and hope to hear what you thought of General conference. I can't wait to share an insight or two. Have a great week!

Love, Elder Page

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