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Monday, February 23, 2015

An afternoon in Greensboro...

Saturday Steve had a leadership meeting in Greensboro with Elder Todd Christofferson...wow, wish I could have been in attendance at that meeting! We did get a taste of it with all that he shared with us later that day. Abigail and I went to visit Grandpa Jack. He was so excited to see her and could not believe how much she had grown up. It was a sweet visit for those two as she shared with him her mission and also reminded him about trials and why we go thru them. We also went by to see Aunt Betty, she is in Rehab recovering from a fractured ankle. Abigail kept saying it was like seeing Grandma Peggy (which I am sure was comforting to her) And you can not go to Greensboro and not make a stop at Yum Yum Icecream! Soooo good! and it was especially since it had been a long time coming.
It was a wonderful day with family, and sweet reunions.

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