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Monday, February 2, 2015

And it...hailed...

Hello! Every where in the northwest of England got covered in snow! But South Port? We were blessed enough to get hail, bit it still had the same effect so I'll take it!

This week we worked super hard, and I learned that if our desires are to go inside where it's warm, then nothing will happen, but if our desires are to find those souls that are ready, then we will find them! Me and Sister Hall wanted so badly to have new investigators (people who want to learn more about the church) , and we felt like on Saturday, we could achieve 7 new investigators, which I haven't seen happen once on my mission, not even in a week. But we felt prompted to set that, so we did. We set off Saturday morning, and had such a hard time! But then after lunch we had a fresh start! And we went to this one street in Ormskirk (a little market village about 40 minutes away on bus) and we started to knock doors. We did this for about 20 minutes, but literally NO one was in. So we decided that it'd be more effective to talk to people on the street, but as we were walking down the road, we just decided to try one more door. And guess what? No one was in! But we tried the next one out of habit, and there was this lovely girl about my age who we talked to, and we're seeing her again this week. We then tried her neighbor, EXACT same thing. This happened for 2 more doors after until we finished the street. Then as we went throughout the day, we just kept seeing miracles. We went in for the night, and saw that we had EXACTLY 7 new people for us to teach, and that were prepared for the gospel.

I know that the Lord blesses us according to our desires. I also know that He wants to bless our righteous desires. I love this work! I love how fulfilling it is. I swear, like Abby said last week, your spirit is just happy!

I love you all, and am very greatful for the support, it really truly is a blessing. I keep you in my prayers!

Love Sister Miller!

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