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Monday, February 9, 2015

We may only drop the seed...

This past week has been a pretty long one. But I'm not sure why. We were probably busier than we've ever been, but the last few days seemed to go by a little slower. But hey, over all, a really successful week! We were able to teach a lot, we helped a lot of people feel the spirit, me and Elder Adams are continuing to grow together in unity, and the weather was near Perfect all week long. So it wasn't a bad week at all.

Also, I finally got to meet Lisa Bell!!! After all these years of hearing Dallin talk about her and the amazing person she is, we finally met up for lunch on Friday. We ate at chick-fil-a. It was Elder Adams first time ever eating there and he loved it! It was such a nice visit. We talked about Dallin's mission, Lisa Bell's experience with missionaries and the church. The blessings she's seen from the gospel, and everything in between. The spirit was definitely felt, because although I wasn't in a lesson or anything the spirit was telling us that the fruits of a missionaries labors extends far beyond their time on the mission. And I really appreciated that thought and those feelings because every missionary feels like they should be seeing more results in some point in time, and whenever I may ever feel like that, I can remember people like Lisa Bell, who are still seeing blessings from the gospel now even half a decade later. The blessing of the gospel are not just for a short time or even just for this life, but they are eternal. And its a straight honor to be able to offer it to people everyday. We may only drop the seed, but when that seed takes root, it grows and grows and grows. I've seen this in missionary work of others, myself, missionaries around me, and within the family. Its too Good!

I don't have too much more time to email, but I do want to tell y'all about an experience that I had in a lesson with this couple we are currently teaching. Their names are Jonathan and Sarah. We initially just talked to them on the street, and we finally got the chance to meet with them in their home to teach them. We brought a member (Brother Jankvich) Such a good member! We began teaching them, and it was amazing how in control the spirit was. We three were teaching and sharing in unity, Jonathan & Sarah were able to talk and share their thoughts and feelings and the spirit was speaking to them through their feelings. They were so open the entire lesson. And Sarah especially was just smiling the entire time. Its true the Gospel message makes us Happy. And the one moment during the lesson I felt the spirit strongest is when it was the moment where I had to tell them about the first vision, and it was one of maybe a handful of times on my mission where I've choked up while telling people about the first vision. The spirit was so strong and I felt so much peace, the spirit reaffirmed for me my testimony of Joseph Smith and His First Vision. The Holy Ghost is real, and it was felt so strongly during that lesson. Ultimately Jonathan and Sarah were prepared by the Lord, and they are having us come back this Wednesday. I guess I'm realizing more and more how important it is to teach BY the spirit. The Lord knows what these people need, what they want, and how the Gospel can help them personally and as families, and if we are open and ready we can know too.

Well, I hope that little experience made sense and helped y'all feel the spirit. I've gotta go, but I'm so glad that I can email you all every week and tell you about the things I'm learning and the experiences I'm having that are making me a better person. I'm So Happy to be where I am here and now, even when days are long and times are tough, its always a blessing. I Love Y'all So Much, I Miss you, and there isn't a day I don't think about you guys. Thanks for everything you do for me. I hope everything goes well this week for everyone, and be safe. Keep reading the Book of Mormon too! Its a page turner! Well, until next week, Be Happy and Godspeed!

Love Elder Page

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