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Monday, February 9, 2015

Good Ol' Sunny South Port...

Well this WHOLE week was SUNSHINE!!! My goodness, my heart was so happy! It was still freezing but I couldn't be bothered, it was sunny. I love it :) Haha of course now it's cold and misty, but I'm still excited about last week! This is what being deprived of sunlight does to you.

Okay, enough about the sun! This week was great. We worked hard, and saw the results. Our friend Rob, who we've been teaching for about 4 weeks now, is progressing! It is the most exciting thing EVER. It's like Colin all over again! He was an atheist, but now after what seems such a short period, he is finding out that God really is there.He also has a lot of anger towards God, and he said that he (Rob) was going to ask us a question, but that he didn't want an answer. Rob then asked if God could sin. It was quiet, and I could tell it was something that really troubled him. We then didn't say "well no! God is perfect!", and fight back. What we did was listened, and then invited Rob to pray and ask God himself. I know that God is perfect, and unchanging, and that He will answer him. Also yesterday we were going out to knock the second half of a road that we felt like we should go on, and we left our flat after lunch to go catch a bus. While we were waiting, one of our investigators texted us and we were so into that, when all of a sudden we just look up and see the bus just whiz past us! So then we go try to intercept it around the corner, but miss it again! So we just waited for the next one. When we finally got to the road, we just waved at this one car that passed us, and then went to work! We literally knocked 3 doors, when we hear from across the street "hey, he's not in!". So we turn around and it was this man getting out of his car (the same one we waved to). He welcomed us over, and we literally talked to him for an hour about just everything. I am so very grateful for every time Heavenly Father trusts us with his children!

Thank you for everything and the prayers and support, it makes the biggest difference.

Love Sister Miller :)

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