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Monday, February 16, 2015

Proverbs 3:5-6....

It was another more than tolerable week weather wise! This whole weekend I couldn't even be bothered to wear gloves and was able to go without one of my layers! It's strange how the smallest things make the biggest difference! Spring time is coming!

This week was the fastest one on record for me. I don't feel like I ever absorbed what I did yesterday night because we've just been so busy! The main thing we were busy with was with Rob. Earlier last week we had to reschedule the chapel tour to Thursday, but when we were talking about that, he asked if we had a Bible he could borrow. So of course we said yes, and set a time to bring it to him. When we met with him, we hadn't planned for it to become a lesson, but it did. It was definitely one that I hadn't expected, but was probably one of the most powerful lessons I had been privileged enough to teach with Sister Hall. He addressed his concerns to us, and I think that there is a certain level of trust that the Lord has for us when it comes to His children. Rob opened up completely and we were then better able to know what has been really keeping him back. Also Sister Hall shared an experience with him (one that I had never even heard because she doesn't talk about it) and it opened up a greater level of trust and understanding between us and Rob. Then on Thursday we were able to tour the chapel with Rob and Sister Hindly (who funnily enough grew up with Rob, and then we asked her to fellowship and she met Rob again, she was shocked!). I swear, chapel tours are the BEST thing ever! As we walked around with the chapel with Rob, he was better able to understand the church and to come to know how normal us Mormons are! Haha but seriously, his heart was softened! I just loved seeing him walk around and look at all of the paintings, and just become comfortable with the building. At the end, as we were about to leave, we were going to say a prayer, when I felt that we needed to do a kneeling prayer (to become more humble before the Lord). Never on my whole mission have a done a kneeling prayer with an investigator, but I felt that we should. And from my past experiences with the Holy Ghost, I knew that I just needed to speak! So I asked if we could do a kneeling prayer, and Rob just so easily said yes. He even almost offered the prayer. 4 weeks ago this man didn't believe in God, now he is almost praying. I love this work! Yes, it's hard. You're tired at the end of the day. And you get more no's than yes's, BUT I know that I am here for a reason. It's always worth it at the end of the day!

Also Colin is progressing brilliantly! He's going to be ordained as an Aaronic Priesthood holder (a man who is given the same power that Jesus Christ has that allows him to do certain sacred acts such as baptism and to pass the sacrament in the name of Jesus Christ) next week! :) It's fun to see that progression!
Remember to always say your prayers and to especially pray for the gift of charity :)

Love you alllll!!!
Sister Miller

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