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Monday, February 2, 2015

"Seek & Ye Shall Find"...

This Past week has just flown by! I can't believe its February already! That is crazy, January went by so quickly. It's still weird to think it's 2015, that number just doesn't seem real. But anyways, you know what they say, time flies when you are immersed in the work, or having fun.
It's been a great week for finding new people to teach and share the gospel with. Just a few people that me and Elder Adams have started teaching, There is Ray, he was in the Navy for a while and he is currently going to school. He lives with a younger couple that are a little less active, but I love them. They are one of my favorite families. They are the Smiths, and the husband Ricky was actually in the Navy with Ray, so they are really good friends. So we have gone over to their house and taught both Ricky and Emily and also Ray because he is pretty interested. There are definitely good things to come with Ray. There is also John & Lisa, they are a younger couple with two little kids. They are Korean but both raised in the U.S. They actually have pretty strong Christian beliefs already, so when we first came in contact with them they were more than willing to meet. We had our first sit-down lesson with them this past week, and we brought a member with us, Brother Lee, he is about their age, and he's Korean! It was Perfect, they got along so well, and it was cool to really see the principle of fellowshipping in action. So we plan to meet with them again this week, I know that by sharing the plain and simple truths of the gospel and inviting them to read the Book of Mormon they can come to realize the truthfulness of the gospel message that we are sharing. I really like John & Lisa, I hope good things happen with them.
And Lastly a quick update on Mike. We had the church tour with him and we had a member Brother Wright with us (Awesome Guy) and we also were able to have Bishop there with us too! It was such a blessing to have both of them there. We wouldn't have had the experience we did with Mike without the two of them. The spirit was so strong the entire time, but especially when we were in the family history center and in the chapel. I know Mike has continued to feel the spirit time and time again, but he is still somewhat hesitant because of his mom. So, after the church tour was over and before we parted ways I gave Mike a letter Katie wrote specifically to him about her conversion and how the gospel has blessed her and I know that that will help Mike maybe open up a little more and continue to take those steps of faith.
At the end of the day, I have seen the gospel change people in ways big and small and it's a blessing to be apart of the Lords work. I have felt the Saviors love for me as I have simply reached out and invited and I know that is me doing my best to fulfill my calling. I am Happy, and I know that its because I am sharing the gospel and my testimony with people. I can't wait to keep letting y'all know what happens to some of these people and families we're teaching.
Keep praying, it really does help, I know it does. And I will keep praying for all of you. I Love You guys! And I miss you Too. I do know that Heavenly Father is looking out for each and everyone of us, and we should never worry. I can't wait to share this weeks experiences with y'all next week! Keep doing what you're doing, be safe, and read those scriptures! They're pretty good!

Until next week, Godspeed!

Love, Elder Page

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