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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

...that He lives.

Pues, I know you all were expecting an email yesterday, but I didn´t have a P-day yesterday. It was a day to travel around to visit converts. And since I only have been in one other area other than the one that I´m in right now in "the south", I had the oportunidad de ir solamente a mi querido Limache. It was wonderful to see my converts and friends, but I´ll tell you all more about that when I´m home.
But today they droped us off in Santiago and since the templo is closed they just told us "have fun" and left us here haha. We're wandered around for a while to kill time till we leave for the airport. Then I got to thinkin that I would write you guys "the email to end them all", so we found the nearest cyber and POOF, aquí estamos!

The last entrevista con Presidente was super buena!! And the last supper and testimony meeting was wonderful too. We ate sushi..and I thought of Zachary.

Also, el Sabado, I had the wonderfully wonder experience de ir a the selling of July and Jesus and Isidora (my familia chilena). But is a lead-up to the story.... I don´t know why but the last week I had been feeling weird..it could be because I´m leaving or maybe I had some internal conflicts...that I´m not sure. But as we were going to the selling, I had a prayer in my heart that when I was in the temple with them I could know that what I´ve done and what I have been sharing for the past year and a half is algo bueno and something true. Not that I was doubting or anything, but I needed that spiritual confirmation, ya know? Cause our work as missionaries is to get everybody to the templo! So I needed to know that what we do there is true and everlasting. And when July and Jesus and Isidora were kneeling there together as a family, the spirit was so increíble and I can´t put words to describe it. All I know is that I recieved the answer that I needed. That this is the truth and this truly has been the best year and a half of my life teaching and sharing the truth in su fulness with every chileno I possibly can.

All I can say is that the spirit is true, that His work is true, and that He lives. Oh, how He lives and loves us! His hand is evident and lovingly there in every one of our days. To trust in Him is what I´ve learned time and time again.

He lives. Que más hay que decir?

I love you all more than it´s humanly possible to describir.

Confíen y sigan, and todo será bien :) De eso estoy segura.

See y´all in 18 hours.

For the last time, love always and always,

Hermana Abigail Page

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