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Monday, February 16, 2015

She's Home?!?!...

Hey Everybody! This past week has been a pretty good one. The weather Here has been Sooo Nice. Its probably the first time on my mission I've really appreciated the sunny, cool breeze and 70*. We are pretty spoiled here, I know. But holy cow, let me just say, Where did the last Year and a Half Go??? Abby is Home, I mean I knew it was coming, but to see the pictures of here home kinda made me say, Holy Moly time flies! Abby Looks so good, and very happy, which was so nice to see. I'm pretty jealous though that she is probably playing with Scarlett at this point. Abby has been such an example for me not only since I've been on my mission but ever since she left, I really saw the Faith and the love that she had in the lord and Its been nice being able to try and shadow that. I Love you Abby, and cant wait to see you 'Soon'.
As far as the missionary work goes for this past week its been good. The time me and Elder Adams are having to serve and spend with one another has been a good time! We are really enjoying ourselves. Its hard to do missionary work if you're not happy, but I can say we have been pretty happy the past month or so. I really do hope I get to stay another 6 weeks here in cypress but I could see myself being transferred, I guess we'll find out this week.

An experience I wanna share from earlier this week really was something special. So on Tuesday night we had members coming out with us and we had a few set lessons with a few of our investigators. We were really excited and we prepared and studied for these investigators that same morning. But unfortunately between the times of like 5-6 we had all of our set lessons cancel on us which was pretty discouraging. We had members coming out with us and so to try and make the night as productive as possible we thought of people we could go and visit. So we began the evening of work, just trusting that we could still have a good night. To make a long story short, we were, despite the last minute cancellations, able to still go by and teach 5 people, a few less-actives and a couple of our investigators. including Mike. It was crazy how an evening of canceled lesson and unsure plans turned into a night of spiritual experiences and good visits with these members and investigators. Looking back it made me realize that as long as we are diligent, doing our best and preparing ahead of time, regardless of peoples agency the lord will bless us and use us to bless those he knows and loves. And that night was a good example of that. The week as a whole was a learning and growing experience, as are most weeks, but this one was nice. Other than the fact after only like two weeks we've already lost the car. Some missionary in long beach rolled his stinkin ankle playing basketball and so with the lack of cars in the mission they decided to take ours away. It was hard at first, but we are enjoying our bikes and having fun with them, so its all good, maybe we'll get the car back soon. I'm riding safe, doing my best and having fun. The mission is a blessing even when its hard. But I am beginning to appreciate the long hard days because I always feel stronger and better off after going through them. Refiner's Fire is Real.

Well, I hope the week for all goes well. I Love Y'all So much and think about you everyday. Keep me in your prayers and thank you for all that you do for me.
Be safe, love life, and I'll email next week!

Love, Elder Page

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