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Monday, January 5, 2015

Since you came along...

I seriously believe en miracles.
This week (for basically the first time in all the time I have in Placilla) investigadores went to church on Sunday! Two of them! In the same week!

One is named Vaitea, and she is from the Easter Island..and the Island of Robinson Crusoe...ya, she´s pretty cool and islandy. We are teaching her and her grandparents. So we´ll see how she keeps progressing towards a baptism!

The second guy that went is named Mesach. On Saturday, we were knocking doors in the ghetto and Mesach (a little old guy with a cane) yelled from the other end of the street "NO HAY NADIE". But everyone always tells us that so that we will stop knocking their neighbor´s houses so I didn´t really listen to him and I told him thank you no más. But then I thought "why not talk to him?". so we went and talked to him, and we walked him to his house (cause he walks slow and with a limp), we gave him a LdM and invited him to church. And then, in the morning when we went to look for him, he was already waiting outside in a suit with his little cane and his Libro de Mormon. He is so awesome! He doesn´t have teeth so understanding him when he talks is puro don de lenguas! Haha but I already love him so much.

And also the last Sunday miracle...Yesterday when we got to church, I was sitting talking to Mesach when suddenly a women came up to me and asked me "Do you remember me?!" and I was like "....uhhhh no". And she said "I´m Jennifer, from Limache!" and right then, I suddenly remembered who she was. She was an investigador that I found in Limache when I was new that was super awesome, but suddenly, she had moved or something cause we nevre found her again. And then yesterday she told me that about 6 months ago, in a different stake and ward, she had gotten baptized!!! And that she had been asked the all the missionaries if they knew who I was and where I was cause she remembered me and wanted to thank me for finding her and for planting the seed that changed her life. She just so happened to by in Placilla yesterday and she wanted to go to church (cause she´s never missed a Sunday!) and she recognized my voice whenI was talking to Mesach and she came to talk to me. She is crying as she thanked me and said that she will never forget me and will eternally be grateful! I´ve always heard stories of "planting seeds and someone else will harvest", but yesterday was a true miracle cause I was able to see the fruit of my seed :) Ya never know what´ll happen, huh?

Honestly, all I have to say is that the church is true and miracles existen.

By the way, my new companion´s name is Hermana Watt. She´s from St. George, Utah. She´s really nice and a lot of fun, so we are gonna have a great cambio together!

Love always and always,

Hermana Abigail Page

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