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Monday, January 26, 2015

And everything worked out!...

Well, let me just start out by saying, I will never be an event planner, no thank you.

Colin was baptized! It was so amazing. But there was so much opposition I couldn't believe it! It came from all sides. From his family, from his friends, from the church building even. So we had heard stories about this other person who had been baptized in about a foot of water about 6 months earlier, and that was because the drain wasn't sealed properly, and we were determined that that wouldn't happen, and Colin would be baptized it a proper amount of water. So we get to the chapel at half 10 and clean, set up, and prepare everything. We had organized for someone to come and seal the pipe, and we were going to start filling up the font 3 hours early, just to make sure. Some come 4:30 the font is being filled and it is actually filling, but only with a trickle. But we just had confidence that all would go well, and it'd fill up in time. We get back to the building at half 6 and the font goes to our ankles. We first said a prayer that all would work out and then start dumping pots and pots of water into it! Then people start to show up, and the room filled up so quickly, but the font was SO empty. So Colin is just such a trooper, because while all of this is going on he's just so relaxed and isn't worried at all! While us, the Elders, and a few others kept trying to fill the font, the Bishop went and stuck a hanger in the water to get an estimated water level, and we compared it to on of the Elders, and it barely covered his nose! There was even talk of putting more people in the font so there would be more water displacement... We decided we would try to have Colin sit down and lay all the way back to be completely immersed, and he was totally game for it which is the biggest miracle of all! So we commence with everything and then it comes time for Colin to be baptized. He gets in the water, and Elder Waetchler says the prayer, and he didn't go all the way under! So we did it one more time, and the water somehow covered all of Colin. I know that there was sooo much adversity in Colin joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints, only because it is such a good thing. There will always be bad trying to stop the good, always. But good will already win, we've already won! I know that this church is guided by the Lord through a living prophet. I know that following the Saviors example is the best thing we could ever do in this life. I know that Colin has just blessed his family very much by choosing to make promises with the Lord. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I'm sorry this is a book, it was just so eventful!

Love you all and thank you for all of the support, I really do feel it.

Sister Miller

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