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Monday, January 12, 2015

D&C 84:88...

Hello Everyone!

So this past week has been a pretty good end to the transfer. I have good news and I also have not as good news, then I have more good news.

So first, good news is that over the past two transfers I have grown a lot, and I have learned so much from Elder Thorup and have been able to learn what the Lord has had to teach me as well. We have become so close and I can honestly say I see him as a true brother. We may not look a like at all, but at heart we are united! I have love serving with him for the past three months, unfortunately though, Elder Thorup will be getting transfered on tuesday. We were both really bummed about it when we first found out, we were hopin we'd go one more together but, we are trusting that the Lord has something up his sleeve and prepared for both of us and those we'll be able to serve in the near future. He is going to Long Beach and I'll be staying here in Cypress.

My new companion though is... Australian!!!! His name is Elder Adams. I've already met him and he seems really nice and a good missionary. Regardless, I am still really nervous and everything else about being the one to take over the area and all that. I know Ive been here for a while and Ive been out for 6 months already on my mission but I still sometimes feel like I wont be able to do enough. It's a feeling a know doesn't come from the Lord because he says over and over and over again throughout the scriptures that He qualifies those that He calls. I've thought a lot about that and its helped. I do feel more confident and ready for a new chapter, but change isn't always easy. I dont think its suppose to be.

Change is us stepping out of our comfort zone, leaving a bit of the natural man or carnal behind to take a step closer to our divine potential. I'm excited for the change and most of all the growth that I will undergo over the next 6 weeks. I know the Lord will be with me every step of the way, and I know that me and Elder Adams will do good together.

In addition, I have the best family I couldve ever asked for helping me along this road too! I will always be grateful for a family that looks out for me and prays for me, so thank you guy! I love you!

Lastly, before I have to go, I do want to reveal some good things to come. Me and Elder Thorup received a referral a while back, its a part member family, the Greenes. They are younger, the wife is a member and the husband isn't but he's the nicest guy and he's really open to talking with us and meeting with us and pretty much everything in between. We had tried for a while to get in touch with them but for a while we couldn't because they were moving into a new place and work was crazy for them, but the other night, we remembered them and decided to go by again, hoping to catch them.

We were able catch them!! They invited us in, and we just talked. They have a 7 year old son turning 8 ;) Very nice kid and not shy at all. I guess to make a long story short, before we left we shared a thought with them and invited them to stake conference and without hesitating they said theyd be there. And they came!!!!!! It was awesome. And they want to start feeding us once a week, and we are thinking we can have almost a family home evening with them when we come over, slowly but surely opening up the door for Jesse (the husband)

So it was a really good way to end the transfer. Its amazing how the Lord is very mindful of all of us, and He is preparing so many people to receive Him and His servants. I'm really excited to keep working with the Greenes and to help them come closer as a family and to the Lord through the gospel. The gospel really does bless families, I know that to be true without a doubt.

I hope you guys know how much I love you and love this work. I'm glad I can come to enjoy and love it more and more everyday, as long as I'm willing to give it my all. But I hope y'all have a Great Week, and Spiritual experiences! Send those prayers please, and know that I'm praying for you too.

Until next week, Godspeed!

Love, Elder Page


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